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New Doosan portable power products at Plantworx

At Plantworx 2013, Doosan Portable Power will be showing new compressor and generator products for the first time in the UK in a special ‘Portable Power’ section of the Doosan Construction Equipment stand.

The new products include the Stage IIIB compliant 9/305 large portable compressor and the G100-IIIA Stage IIIA compliant generator. The stand will also feature the new extended ‘Tough Top’ range of portable compressors and lighting towers from Doosan Portable Power.

New Stage IIIB Compressor
The new 9/305 compressor is powered by the Cummins QSL9 engine providing 254 kW (340 HP) of power at 1800 RPM and using Exhaust Gas Recirculation, Diesel Oxidation Catalyst and Diesel Particulate Filter technologies to meet the Stage IIIB regulations. The 9/305 compressor produces a free air delivery of 29.9 m3/min at an operating pressure of 8.6 bar.

The 9/305 model is part of a new family of large Doosan portable compressors based on a common platform that also includes the new 9/275, 12/250, 17/240 and 21/220 models with free air deliveries from 21.5 to 30.0 m3/min at operating pressures from 8.6 to 21.0 bar. All the new compressors are powered by the Cummins QSL9 engine, which provides 227 kW (304 HP) of power in the 9/275 model and 254 kW (340 HP) in the 12/250, 17/240 and 21/220 models.

Large portable compressors of this type are used to provide compressed air for a wide range of drilling and boring machines for quarrying, mining, site investigation, geothermal, mineral exploration and water well construction work. They also cover other specialist applications such as abrasive blasting, spray painting and standby and temporary compressed air for industry.

This new family of large compressors offers the best of both worlds: reduced size and footprint to minimise transport costs and unparalleled service access to optimise maintenance work. In addition, features such as multiple air outlets, a bunded environmental base offering 110% containment, central drains, forklift slots and tie-down points have been incorporated as standard in these compressors.

New Stage IIIA Generator
Meeting the new EU Stage IIIA engine emission regulations for generators, the new G100-IIIA (100 kVA prime power) generator has been launched by Doosan Portable Power. Part of a comprehensive range of Stage IIIA generators that also includes the existing G20, G30, G40 and G250 models, the G100-IIIA model shares the same package design as the new G80-IIIA, G150-IIIA and G200-IIIA models which also form part of the Stage IIIA compliant range, offering robustness and reliability, high performance and a wide choice of features to meet the needs of temporary power applications.

From the construction site, to the concert stage, to the front lines of disaster relief efforts, Doosan generators offer rental companies, contractors, event organisers, emergency services, general industry and many other customers the highest quality, backed by dedicated technical and service support worldwide.

Of particular interest for the rental market, the G80-IIIA to G200-IIIA models provide the highest flexibility available in the market, with an innovative fuel tank frame system offering a containment base integrated as standard in the frame to ensure 110% fluid containment capacity. The generators have a standard fuel capacity offering a minimum of 12 hours of autonomous operation (at 75% of the load), while a 24-hour onboard fuel tank configuration is available as an option.

Extended ‘Tough Top’ Compressor Range
Now comprising three models – the 7/26E+, 7/31E+ and 7/41+ – the Tough Top range of portable compressors combines durability with aesthetic design, making them an attractive investment for everyday applications in the toughest working conditions. As well as outstanding durability, the Tough Top canopy is also non-corrodible and can be supplied in customer colours.

The new 7/26E+ Tough Top model supplies 2.5 m3/min of compressed air at 7 bar output pressure and is powered by a 3-cylinder Yanmar liquid-cooled engine producing 21.2 kW of power at 2800 rpm. Powered by a 3-cylinder 26.0 kW Yanmar engine running at 2800 rpm, the new 7/31E+ Tough Top compressor supplies 3.0 m3/min of compressed air at 7 bar output pressure. The 7/41+ Tough Top compressor is powered by a 34.8 kW Yanmar engine running at 2800 rpm, and supplies 4.0 m3/min of compressed air at 7 bar output pressure.

The modular design ensures that a range of optional equipment can be added easily. Among the options is an integral 6 kVA generator, which increases compressor flexibility by supplying electrical output in addition to compressed air. As a result, electrical tools or other appliances can be run in parallel with pneumatic equipment.

Doosan portable compressors have an intuitive, simple key-start sequence, ideal for rental companies because of the reduced risk of machine abuse by untrained operators. Serviceability is also excellent, with easy access to all maintenance points.

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