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New earth solutions helps deliver waste strategy for Bournmouth Borough Council

New Earth Solutions is assisting Bournemouth Borough Council in its bid to reach challenging statutory recycling, landfill diversion and national waste strategy targets, following the award of a five year Municipal Waste Disposal Contract.

Under the new contract, the New Earth Solutions treatment facility in Canford, Poole, will be processing household waste collected within the Borough to divert biodegradable waste from landfill and recover recyclable materials. Initial outputs will be in the region of 10,000 tonnes per year but this figure will increase in line with Government targets.

Comments Peter Mills,

“At present, unless biodegradable waste has been separated before it enters the waste stream it usually ends up in a landfill site. Tests have shown that in excess of 80% of biodegradable waste can be diverted from landfill when treated by New Earth technology.

The advantage of a New Earth system is that it enables biodegradable municipal waste to be recovered and treated in our fully enclosed facilities with no risk of adverse environmental side effects. We are fully committed to reaching statutory Government targets via composting, recycling, and recovery techniques and our operational capacity is directly in line with the requirements of the Landfill Allowance Trading Scheme”.

Bournemouth Borough Council recently introduced its own local objectives alongside National Waste Strategy targets set by central government.

Councillor John Hayter the council's recycling champion said, “We are determined to meet National Waste Strategy and local 'best value' targets in relation to the reduction, recovery and diversion of municipal waste from landfill. I am excited at the prospect of using a local company that will help to achieve our targets using up to date waste diversion processes. The New Earth system will provide an important contribution to our environmental performance”.

The company which was founded in 2002 has the technology to treat both source segregated and mixed 'black bag' residual waste through natural biological treatment and physical separation processes, as authorised by the State Veterinary Service and in compliance with Animal By-Products and Regulations 2003.

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