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New Earth Solutions open advanced biological

waste treatment facility as commissioned by Kent County Council

On the 1st of September 2008, New Earth Solutions opened its new biological treatment facility at Blaise Farm Quarry in Kent.

Designed to process up to 50,000 tonnes a year the facility will provide a local solution for source separated green and kitchen waste from southwest Kent households.

The facility has been contracted by Kent County Council in order to support segregated collections schemes for organic waste operated by both Tonbridge and Malling and Tunbridge Wells Borough Councils. The contract period is for a minimum of 15 years with the option for a further 5 year extension.

Peter Gillatt, New Earth Solutions Managing Director said, “We are delighted to be working in partnership with Kent County Council and to be processing local residents
waste within close proximity to its place of origin and thus reducing road miles and carbon footprint.

The new facility will produce a range of high quality composts that will be widely utilised across agriculture, land remediation and regeneration activities in the Kent region”.

According to Operations Manager for Waste Management at Kent County Council, “We have been able to improve our waste and recycling services for residents at both point of collection and in terms of final elimination as a result of New Earth Solutions technology and expertise.

We are dedicated to be fulfilling our green pledges, diverting waste from landfill and meeting our obligations in line with regulations dictated by the EC landfill Directive.

New Earth Solutions has a progressive approach to waste management and we are confident that this reliable and proven technology will help us to reach our objectives”.

The New Earth facility at Blaise uniquely offers full enclosure of the entire composting process and is complimented by a comprehensive emissions management system.

The composting process is managed by an advanced computer controlled optimisation programme, ensuring that the perfect conditions for conversion of organic waste into compost are continuously maintained. New Earth Solutions builds and operates specialist waste treatment facilities that are designed to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and has a range of innovative, competitive packages for local authority clients looking for viable solutions in waste treatment and recycling technology.

The company rapidly expanding and rolling out a network of fully financed facilities across the UK. Current local authority clients include Bournemouth Borough Council, Dorset County Council, Bristol City Council, Essex County Council and Leicestershire County Council. Current private sector clients include MacDonald's Corporation and Asda Stores plc.

The technology is housed in low impact buildings and waste treatment is deliverable through processes that are acceptable to local communities.

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