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New electric forklift from Hyster with class leading full shift performance

Hyster breaks new ground with its latest electric forklift series, providing 2.2 to 3.5 tonne lifting capacity with class-leading full-shift performance and energy efficiency. Packed with ergonomic features to get the best from drivers, these new JXN models all also benefit from the excellent manoeuvrability and tighter turning capability delivered by the new Hyster Zero Turning Radius steer axle. The new models are now available in the UK through Barloworld Handling.

"The need for high performance electric forklifts delivering up to 3.5 tonne lifting capacity has become increasingly important as more businesses place increased emphasis on reducing energy consumption" explains David Rowell, the Hyster European Operations Manager.

Hyster has extended its JXN range to include 2.2, 2.5, 3.0 and 3.5 tonne lifting capacity electric counterbalanced forklifts for both indoor and outdoor operation. The company claims that the new JXN moves more loads whilst using less energy than any competitor.

"We broke new ground launching the smaller 1.5-2.0 tonne JXN and JXNT models in early 2009 and have once again demonstrated leading innovation. These new trucks maintain powerful performance over a full shift with travel speeds up to 21km/h and energy efficiencies that significantly exceed the industry average".
The new models are available in two configurations, Advance and Advance+, the latter designed to operate in intensive, high productivity applications with long runs and high lifts, with comparative performance to IC engine powered equipment.

The Advance models are equipped with eLo and HiP settings, which can be programmed to meet the required energy versus productivity balance that best suits the demands of the application. Tests prove that on the eLo setting, Advance models are 7.5% more productive than the competitive average and on the HiP setting, 9% more productive. By comparison, the eLo
setting uses 20% less energy and HiP uses 16% less energy, according to the VDI test cycle.

"Not only will businesses benefit from reduced energy costs and a lower carbon footprint, it is possible to move more materials, faster and with greater efficiency" Rowell adds.

One major leap forward in design is Hyster’s Zero Turn Radius Steer Axle (ZTR). The rear wheels turn more than 90° which, in combination with separate drive motors mounted on each of the front wheels, allows the truck to turn within its own circle like a three wheel truck. Combined with the compact chassis design, no other trucks in this class can operate in narrower aisles – the Hyster J2.5XN (short wheelbase model) can work in an aisle of less than 3.6 metres wide.

Drivers will experience an operating environment designed to maintain comfort and performance for an entire shift. Vibrations transmitted to the driver’s body are lower than any other truck on the market, isolating the driver from excessive shock and jolts. A Whole Body Vibration (WBV) level of 0.5 m/s2 has been measured on the new JXN according to EN 13059 tests.

Drivers also benefit from a full suspension seat with dual armrest, TouchPoint™ mini-lever controls, excellent visibility, a "heads-up" information display, easy on-off access and more than ample foot space. The dash area provides plenty of storage and room for scanning systems, and the steering column is fully adjustable and is available with various additional convenience options, such as a memory tilt function.

The seat is slightly offset from the centre to enhance all round visibility and there is a unique automatic park brake system – the brake is released as soon as the driver touches the accelerator pedal, saving valuable seconds in an intensive operating environment. The AC traction motors with advanced thermal protection deliver smooth acceleration, fast travel speeds and rapid direction changes.

"At the end of a shift, batteries can be changed quickly with side extraction to assist multi-shift operations, and we have kept maintenance costs to a minimum" adds Rowell. "Oil-immersed brakes, for example, give maintenance free, reliable braking. Service intervals have increased to 1,000 hours and access to serviceable components is quick and easy".

The new Hyster J2.2-3.5XN models are available with numerous configurations and options to suit various industries including logistics, food and drink, manufacturing, timber and automotive.

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