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New eutectic refrigeration system for home and urban delivery vehicles

Carlsen Baltic is displaying its latest solutions for the temperature-controlled grocery home delivery market: a 3.5 tonne multi-compartment, multi-temperature body using a low-carbon, eutectic refrigeration system.

Carlsen Baltic is one of Europe’s biggest producers of lightweight refrigerated bodies, including light and heavy vans up to 6 tonnes, for frozen food deliveries using low-carbon, eutectic refrigeration systems.

Its latest development, to meet the growing demand in grocery home-delivery, is a multi-temperature body with eutectic plates. The body has three temperature zones: -36°C, +5°C and +12°C. The temperatures can be adjusted according to the operator’s specific needs and the eutectic system will keep constant temperatures in the van.

“It is the perfect solution for today’s distribution with multi-drop delivery with multiple door openings. This solution is used by many of Europe’s leading home and office food delivery companies such as Eisman, Bofrost and Mat på Jobbet, with over 5,000 vehicles in operation.” says Allan Dahl Jorgensen, Technical Director, for Carlsen Baltic.

Long-term Carlsen Baltic body user is Swedish company, Mat på Jobbet. The name translates as Food at Work. Mat på Jobbet provides food and drink services in work places and launched its service in London last year with its sister company, Convini Food Solutions.

Operating from Bermondsey, Convini delivers a wide range of British-brand foods including fresh salads, wraps, baguettes and ready-made meals to offices in the inner city area. Currently making around 10 drops a day the vehicles operate from 7.00am to 4.00pm and on average will take 30-40 minutes to restock each refrigerated vending station or ‘Convini Store’. For Managing Director Christopher Pedersen, this is when the eutectic system comes into its own.

“We deliver a premium range of chilled, frozen and ambient goods. When the doors are opened frequently, it is important to ensure the temperature in each compartment remains constant – particularly on a hot day. The Carlsen Baltic system is absolutely superior to any type of air-blown, diesel system because there is never a variation in load temperature – with any other system, you could be in trouble”

Low maintenance, virtually silent and emission–free operation are also important factors for Convini. The company achieves lower running costs and fewer breakdowns than would normally be associated with a conventional diesel system. Vehicle service is provided locally by Pulse refrigeration.

The Carlsen Baltic vehicle on the stand is one of two vehicles for use in London. The body for Mat på Jobbet is on a Volkswagen T5 chassis with Freno frame and has Carlsen’s eutectic cooling system. The refrigerated body, which weighs 820kg to give an approximate one tonne payload, consists of four deep-freeze compartments to -35ºC with two shelves in each; four chilled compartments to +5ºC with two shelves in each; 2 chilled compartments at +12ºC with three shelves in each; and two dry compartments.

For the Swedish operation the vehicles will make 10 to 12 drops per day but are capable of more if the operation requires. Charge times for the eutectic system can be as short as 3-hours or longer when first charged from ambient temperature. In Sweden, the vehicles are operating from 6am to 4pm.

Mat på Jobbet has 40 Carlsen Baltic bodied vehicles making food deliveries in Stockholm, Malmö, and Gothenburg.

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