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New EXU powered pedestrian pallet truck from Still materials handling

Hamburg based Still GmbH, the leading supplier for the intelligent control of intralogistics, now offers four new EXU low lift trucks with load capacities of 1,600 kg, 1,800 kg, 2,000 kg and 2,200 kg.

The new EXU is suitable for a wide range of applications requiring pedestrian operated horizontal transport of materials. The EXU’s compact design allows work to be carried out more efficiently than ever before and is ideal for use in warehouses, industrial applications and production, as well as at freight forwarders and when loading and unloading lorries.

Two features make the EXU low lift pallet truck more agile. Firstly, the short L2 dimension of only 510 mm, making the truck 43 mm shorter than its predecessor and reducing the turning radius to just 1,495 mm. Secondly, the tiller can be swivelled by a full 90 degrees to the left and to the right.

For medium transport distances, the EXU 20 and EXU 22 can be equipped with a hinged and suspended platform, extending the operational range beyond the standard pedestrian operation.

Individual and user friendly
The length of the forks can be selected individually to suit any application. The maximum fork length of 2,400 mm, for example, allows the user to transport two pallets lengthwise at a time.

The EXU’s floor clearance with the forks raised has been increased by 20% to facilitate use on ramps with gradients of up to 24%.

The operator’s workplace is user friendly and well organised with handy storage compartments – for transport documents, stationery, mobile phones, etc. – within easy reach.

Intelligence built-in
The EXU comes equipped with the intelligent drive control, OPTISPEED 3.0. This innovative system ensures safer operation of the truck by dynamically controlling the drive speed depending on the angle of the tiller. If the operator moves away from the truck and pulls the tiller head towards him, the maximum driving speed will increase. Similarly, the speed will automatically reduce if the operator moves closer to the truck, lifting the tiller toward a more upright position. This allows slow driving with the tiller practically vertical, making manoeuvres in very small spaces both easy and safe.

The rounded tiller head is very intuitive; the handles are made of highly resistant polyurethane and are symmetrically designed – left and right handed operators can both easily reach the buttons. The large buttons have small depressions and elevations to allow the operator to ‘feel’ which button to press for the respective function. The large switches for forwards and reverse travel can be used easily and sensitively, even when the operator is wearing gloves. The lower part of the tiller head has been shaped in such a way as to protect the hands of the operator.

The tiller is fitted with a large 180 degree panoramic safety button (impact plate) which not only stops the EXU when pressed, but also causes the truck to move a few centimetres in the opposite direction. This ensures the operator always has enough room to move and prevents him or her from getting trapped – even in confined spaces.

Access control with the optional Digicode prevents unauthorised use of the truck, greatly increasing safety. The system requires a four digit PIN code to be entered using the integrated key pad before the truck can be used. Up to ten different PIN codes can be used.

Optimised economy or maximum turnover – it’s your choice
Two drive programs, ECO and BOOST, ensure optimal economy or maximum turnover performance. The maximum driving speed of 6 km/h, regardless of load, is achievable in BOOST mode. This high top speed gives maximum throughput, yet still allows the EXU to be operated without the need for a driving licence.

By operating in ECO mode – key switch in the turtle position – the EXU accelerates to a top speed of 4 km/h. This extends the service time per battery charge by 15%, yet still provides the same level of performance as competitor trucks currently available.

At standstill on a ramp, or when releasing the accelerator switch, the truck control system monitors any movement of the truck and prevents accidental roll back (ramp stop). The encapsulated electromagnetic disc brake serves as both a parking and safety brake. Dead man braking is automatically activated when the tiller is in a vertical or horizontal position.

High availability and low service costs
Battery capacities of up to 375 Ah are available for longer shifts and intensive work. But the technology used to control the drive and the resulting low energy consumption may allow the use of more compact batteries with lower capacities. On-board chargers are also available as optional equipment.

For operation in multi-shift applications, side battery change is another option. With this feature the battery can be changed quickly and safely without any need to use a hoist. The battery cover is made from high quality steel to withstand day to day use in arduous applications.

The EXU has been designed for high availability and low service costs. The tiller head, for example, is sealed against the ingress of dust and water and adheres to IP 65 protection class. The tiller arm is made of strong aluminium die ing, making it very sturdy and able to withstand impacts of up to 130 kg. The movements of the tiller are supported by a gas pressure spring.

The maintenance-free three-phase drive motor is self lubricating and reduces servicing costs. As with the service brake, the drive is encapsulated and therefore optimally protected against dust and humidity. The fork tips were developed for tough and demanding applications and are made of extremely resistant mono-block steel . Service diagnostics can be carried out via laptop computer, which has enabled the maintenance interval to be extended from 500 to 1,000 hours of operation, reducing the cost of servicing.

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