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The new EZS 7820 Jungheinrich heavy duty tow tractor

The new EZS 7820: Jungheinrich heavy-duty tow tractor

Jungheinrich is introducing its new EZS 7280 electric sit-on tow tractor. With up to 28 tonnes of tractive power, it is especially suitable for outdoor use at airports or the business premises of industrial companies. Thanks to its strong torque, the tow tractor has also been designed for ramp operations with heavy loads; automatic parking brakes with roll-back protection and a hill-start assistant facilitate easy stopping and restarting on the ramp.

A new 500 Ah lithium-ion battery guarantees outstanding efficiency, characterised by its maintenance-free operation,long service life and the opportunity for rapid and boost charging.. For increased runtimes, a battery with up to 930 Ah capacity can be installed with an increased wheelbase.

With its compact dimensions and large steering angle, Jungheinrich has designed the EZS 7280 for manoeuvrability, even in very confined spaces. Safety is guaranteed by the use of assistance systems. The robust and weather-resistant design with KLT coating guarantees the maximum degree of corrosion protection, making the heavy-duty tow tractor suitable for all operations even in the most adverse weather conditions.

Jungheinrich also offers a number of different driver’s cabs, optionally available with folding and sliding doors. The interior temperature can be controlled by a heating system making condensation on windows during damp weather a thing of the past. The automotive-style pedal configuration and adjustable steering wheel positions ensure operators can handle the EZS 7280 with ease.

Andreas Füchtmann, Product Manager, Jungheinrich, explains: “During development of the truck, we paid particular attention to the performance and safety of the tow tractor in typical ramp operations. In addition, attention was paid to the design of the operator seat, which is modelled on the automotive industry. This allows operators to work fatigue-free during their shifts.”

Jan Lorenz, Managing Director, Jungheinrich UK, adds: “The EZS 7280 is a prime example of the innovation and industry-leading advancements that Jungheinrich is making to ensure our trucks are of the highest quality and, more importantly, reflect the evolving wants, needs, safety and working environments of all our customers.”

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