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New face of urban recycling is unveiled

The first local authorities have signed up for a pioneering mini recycling centre, specifically designed to help councils meet landfill diversion targets by boosting public participation in recycling.

North Lincolnshire Council, Northampton Borough Council, Veolia Sheffield, Cardiff City Council, Walsall Council and the London Boroughs of Hammersmith & Fulham and Greenwich will be introducing nodeº recycling street furniture, designed by Taylor, market leader in waste containment, which offers an adaptable and aesthetic solution in town centres, urban regeneration areas and at public bring sites.

The development comes at a time when sustainable waste management is central to the Government's environmental vision, and local authorities are facing the challenge to reduce waste going to landfill and increase recycling rates in order to meet the 2010 landfill diversion target of 75% of 1995 levels.

nodeº's modular, wheeled design enables it to be used in multiples from one to four quadrants around its locking post, allowing it to fit into confined corners, against walls or as a central feature in a public area. Each nodeº container detaches to become a wheeled bin that is emptied using the standard comb bar lifting mechanism on the refuse collection vehicle, the system used by more than 99% of all UK local authorities. Each container can also be chipped to work with pay-by-weight and ID systems.

nodeº has been purposely created to accommodate a wide variety of waste including segregated and co-mingled recyclate, and the unit can be fitted with a stylish canopy, lighting or signage. For increased security, nodeº's galvanised steel body offers protection from fire and vandalism and a security post fixed to a concrete base prevents any unauthorised movement.

Sue Daynes, Waste Reduction Officer for North Lincolnshire Council commented: “In boosting local recycling it is crucial we secure residents buy-in and we believe nodeº can positively impact on recycling habits in North Lincolnshire. Never before has the issue of recycling been so high on the Government's agenda and we want to ensure we are one step ahead of the game in reaching our targets.”

Peter Selkirk, Chief Executive at Taylor commented: “nodeº will soon be seen in urban housing and street scene environments across the country, which reflect the determination of the borough councils to increase recycling participation amongst residents and shoppers. It doesn't have to be difficult – we are offering a recycling solution that will fit easily into the community environment, look appealing and help meet the challenge faced by councils up and down the country to meet landfill diversion targets.”

Selkirk continued: “nodeº offers plenty of space for clear signage such as wrap logos, and eye catching branding, both features we have found to be important in attracting high levels of public usage.”

Taylor is showcasing nodeº to local authorities at a number of roadshows across the country.

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