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New FIRERAY 3000 optical beam smoke detector for wide area fire detection

Fire Fighting Enterprises Ltd., the leader in beam-type fire detection, is pleased to introduce the new FIRERAY 3000 end to end infrared optical beam smoke detector. The detector offers particularly cost effective protection of large, open area spaces, and in situations where ceiling-mounting is difficult or inappropriate.

All FIRERAY beam detectors are designed primarily for use in wide open indoor spaces, and offer the benefit of only requiring small numbers of units to cover very large areas – not only affecting the time, cost and complexity of installation, but also the aesthetic impact thereafter. The FIRERAY 3000 is ideal for applications where line of sight for the IR beam path is narrow, or where the building structure uses especially reflective surfaces which may cause complications for reflective beam system installation. Each element of the package has also been designed to be both discreet and aesthetically pleasing, helping them to fit well into every environment from modern architectural buildings to ornately-decorated heritage sites.

Installation is quick and easy, and can be completed by a single operator thanks to a variety of aids and features. A visible targeting laser housed in the receiver head aids initial placement and setup, showing clearly the beam path and therefore the necessary positioning for the units. During commissioning the LEDs on the heads also light up to help fine-tune the alignment path, showing the installer in which direction adjustment is needed. Both of the detector heads have integrated alignment thumbwheels for simple, intuitive and repeatable targeting adjustment, with up to 10 degrees of motion available on both horizontal and vertical axes (90 degrees with an extra accessory bracket).

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