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New Fleet Control Manager

Integrates with On-Board Computers for Remote Monitoring of Forklifts

Lamerholm is pleased to announce the launch of the new FleetControl Manager, an innovative and intuitive system that allows companies to optimise its investment in vehicle mounted computers (VMCs) to provide
total fleet management. By using the power of the computer's processing, touch screen, power supply and wireless communications capabilities, the new FleetControl Manager offers equipment location
services, general usage monitoring and real-time impact detection – all of which help ensure that fleets operate in the safest and most productive manner.

Designed for large warehouses and logistics centres, FleetControl Manager has been developed to maximise and enhance the existing infrastructure and hardware systems to maximise ROI. Utilising the existing VMCs means that there is no need for a separate display unit
on the truck and gaining access to equipment can be programmed to be compatible to existing company ID systems, such as ID badges or employee numbers. With programmable access control and a pre-shift safety checklist to be completed before start-up, FleetControl Manager also ensures safety compliance to the highest possible standard.

The versatility of the system means that fleet managers can select which parameters are to be monitored. These can include speed, weight of load, number of lifts, running time, in fact up to 10 parameters that will improve the efficiency of the trucks and therefore lower maintenance costs. Through the EquipCommand software, FleetControl Manager enables management to set these thresholds from a central location, receiving alerts only when action is warranted. Alerts, as well as notifications of events such as impacts and required maintenance, can be sent to the manager's desktop computer or via text message to a mobile phone.

FleetControl Manager's GUI features large on-screen buttons and easy to read text, providing a user friendly system that enables operators to control the system without the need to remove gloves or safety glasses. Operators of the forklift trucks are able to log-in, access menus and communicate with in real -time, while the managers can set impact, utilisation and maintenance thresholds from a central location, receiving alerts only when action is warranted.

Any forklift truck with a VMC can make use of
FleetControl Manager to help ensure that only trained and certified personnel can gain access. Operator training schedules and certification can also be
tracked to ensure only qualified drivers can handle the equipment.

Specialist engineers at Lamerholm will be able to advise and train customers on how to use the system or can provide a fully programmed system depending on customer requirements.

As with all ShockWatch Equipment Monitors, FleetControl Manager is an important tool in reducing damage related costs and increasing operator accountability.

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