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New Fleet Director vehicle tracking and management system from Trafficmaster

Analytics Dashboards in Trafficmaster’s Fleet Director 8.2 Help Fleet Managers
Improve Safety, Control Costs, and Reduce Risks

Trafficmaster’s Fleet Director widened its lead in real-time data and online analytics for safety today by releasing Fleet Director 8.2, the company’s industry-leading fleet management telematics solution. Fleet Director 8.2 gives flexible new at-a-glance dashboards and safety scorecards to help monitor driving behaviour and safety performance for individual drivers, user-defined groups of vehicles and the fleet as a whole. Critical safety indicators include speeding miles, severe speeding miles, harsh braking events, harsh acceleration events and bad cornering events. Fleet Director 8.2 also includes a new "Community" area, giving users easy access to online news, advice, support and forums that can help them gain full value from Fleet Director and the underlying information captured by Trafficmaster.

"Fleet Director 8.2 makes measurable contributions to both fleet cost control and safety," said Mark O’Neill, Head of Fleet Director Sales UK. Fleet managers can now pinpoint unsafe driving events and analyse driving behaviour patterns on a real time, on-going basis.

"Safety is no longer just a cost centre and compliance issue," Mark O’Neill said. "For many fleets, it’s now a strategic business priority to help trim costs and boost efficiency." For this reason, Trafficmaster Fleet Director captures the industry’s widest range of safety-related vehicle and driver data. New analytics dashboards and scorecards in Fleet Director 8.2 make this information more useful and actionable in real time — to help fleet managers increase bottom-line safety performance and improve fleet operations overall.

Real-time analytics dashboards
New dashboards let Fleet Director 8.2 users view safety performance analytics based on information generated by Trafficmaster’s Fleet Director from a variety of real-time vehicle monitoring and driving behaviour data streams. Users can view safety analytics for an entire fleet, a sub fleet, or any group of vehicles the user selects — even by clicking individual vehicles to form a group. Alternatively, users can view safety analytics for any single selected vehicle.

Dashboards each feature a dial-type graphics display that gives users a dynamic real-time "safety score" overview. Users can also view total miles analysed, best performing vehicle, worst performing vehicle and other information. Dashboards display each key performance indicator, showing its own individual score, enabling managers to quickly identify hotspots needing improvement. Users can easily customize these dashboards, for instance displaying only indicators of greatest importance to them and rearranging these indicators on the screen. Users can save any number of these customised dashboards to keep a closer eye on selected drivers having sub-par safety scores, or track statistics on vehicles breaking down more often than usual.

Further, to give users additional context, Fleet Director 8.2 analytics compare a fleet’s risk scores to a reference set of GPS data collected from a statistical sample of thousands of vehicles.

User community access
A new "Community" tab in Fleet Director 8.2 gives users ready access to a broad range of news, knowledge and experience drawn from Trafficmaster Fleet Director experts and the 10,000-fleet Trafficmaster Fleet Director user community. Here, users can browse online news and quickly locate advice, support and forums to help gain full value from Fleet Director and the rich and extensive information captured.

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