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New from Xwatch - the Xw Laser Drone

New from Xwatch – the Xw Laser Drone

The brand new Xwatch laser solution, once deployed, will fly around the machine on a jobsite, creating a virtual wall that moves with the slew area as the boom extends and retracts.

If the drone picks up a human presence or an object within the slew area, a high-density laser beam will hit the target and vaporise it, therefore eliminating the object or person, removing any danger to the machine or the operator. The laser will also activate the machine’s XW integrated safety system and will stop the machine with the Xwatch proportional hydraulic control. This is fully recorded via the telematics connectivity with remote incident reporting which allows analysis post-incident. The stored data can assist with helping prevent future incidents.

Dan Leaney, Sales and Operations Director said “This is a global first in accident protection from Xwatch. We have collaborated with a leading drone manufacturer to integrate Xwatch technology into a failsafe extension for onsite drones. Having tested the software we can confirm that it’s accurate to within 1cm. Personel onsite are advised to wear their RFID tags at all times to prevent entering the danger zone of the machine and the drone’s laser.”

For more details visit www.xwatch.co.uk

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