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New fund launched to invest directly

in UK waste management and recycling facilities. 'Recycling Fund' now available from major international life companies and SIPP providers

New Earth Solutions Limited (“NES”), the British waste treatment and resource recovery company, and The Premier Group (“Premier”), the Isle of Man based investment fund provider have launched the New Earth Solutions Recycling Facilities Investment Sub-Fund (“the Fund”), which will invest directly in NES's recycling and waste management facilities in the UK.

The Fund, which is designed for experienced investors only, has a listing on the Channel Islands Stock Exchange and is also available via SIPP and Offshore Bond providers.

Adrian Jones, Financial Director of NES, said: “The Fund will help accelerate the development of sustainable waste management practices in the UK. It will enable New Earth Solutions Limited to continue the roll out of its advanced waste treatment facilities, assisting the UK in meeting statutory recycling and landfill diversion targets.”

David Whitaker, a Director of the Fund, said: “In launching the Fund we aim to provide investors with the opportunity to obtain long-term capital growth by investing in proven, effective and efficient waste management technologies. The Fund is already available through the products of many of the leading international life companies and SIPP providers, including AEGON Scottish Equitable International WMP & SIPP, American Securities International, Canada Life International Premier Account, Hornbuckle Mitchell Trustees and Scottish Provident International Choice Portfolio, with the list growing daily.”

NES was established to help local authorities meet their obligations to divert waste from landfill under the EU landfill directive. It currently has a 50,000 tonnes per annum (tpa) waste facility operating in Canford, Dorset, supported by waste management contracts with Bournemouth Borough Council, Bristol City Council, Kent County Council and Leicestershire County Council. A new facility is currently under construction in Kent with underpinning contracts to recycle organic waste on behalf of Kent and Essex County Councils.

NES's key technology is the Advanced Bio Stabilisation System. This high temperature composting process and use of sophisticated air handling equipment, prevents odour or emissions of bio-aerosols normally associated with traditional biological waste treatment processes.

In addition to the treatment of biodegradable wastes, NES technology captures other recyclables such as plastics, glass, ferrous and non- ferrous metals, all helping with the meeting of statutory recycling targets.

The Fund will help finance NES's roll-out of waste facilities. To begin with it will invest in the operational plant at Canford Park and the new plant in Kent. Each new plant will cost approximately £10million to finance.

In February 2008 NES received an equity investment of £4million from Impax Group plc, the UK's largest quoted environmental investment management company.

Jonathan Fogg, an Investment Manager at Impax said: “New Earth's technology is proven, effective and efficient. The company has a significant track record in delivering services to existing clients and a range of innovative, competitive and flexible packages for local authority clients looking for viable solutions in waste treatment and recycling technology.”

The UK is currently the second worst waste offender in Europe with over 75% of all “black bag” waste ending up in landfill sites. Research undertaken by the Local Government Association shows that UK households sent 22.6 million tonnes of rubbish to landfill in 2004/2005 (the most recent year for which compound figures are available across the EU).

The UK waste management industry is facing strict recycling and landfill diversion targets. Local authorities now face restrictions on the amount of biodegradable waste which can be sent to landfill and penalty fines for every tonne in excess of that agreed limit will be strictly imposed. This, coupled with incentives for the recovery of valuable resources and the generation of sustainable energy, presents significant development opportunities to waste management companies and the investment community.

About the Fund:

The New Earth Solutions Recycling Facilities Investment Sub-Fund (“the Fund”) is a sub-fund of The Premier Investment Opportunities Fund Protected Cell Company plc and is available only to experienced investors.

An investment into the Fund provides an opportunity to participate in a market not normally available to the individual investor, by investing in the development and subsequent trading performance of the recycling waste management systems of New Earth Solutions Limited.

The investment objective is to provide investors with long term growth by investing in the development and subsequent trading performance of industrial facilities incorporating recycling waste management systems in the UK. The Fund is administered by IFG Fund Administration (IOM) Limited which is licensed by the Isle of Man Government.

Fund Criteria:

100% of the subscription is applied to purchase shares
Monthly dealing at a minimum investment of £10,000 with additional investments or via life offices reduced to £5,000
Listed on the Channel Islands Stock Exchange
The long-term investment returns cannot be guaranteed but are anticipated to be in the range of 12%-15% per annum
Exit penalties from 8% reducing by 0.40% per quarter to 0% over 5 years – ON EARLY REDEMPTION ONLY and 5% can be withdrawn free of exit penalty per year
Annual Management Charges: 1.5%
For more information on the Fund, please visit: www.newearthrecyclingfund.com

About New Earth Solutions Limited:

New Earth Solutions Limited (NES) is a UK company which offers bespoke treatment processes for commercial and municipal waste. Its proprietary systems assist local authorities meet increasingly stringent landfill diversion and waste recycling targets. It is currently working with Asda to deliver the UK's first “zero waste to landfill” supermarket.

NES's key technology is the Advanced Bio Stabilisation System. This technology, which processes a wide range of source segregated and residual waste within fully enclosed, low environmental impact facilities, has achieved full State Veterinary Service ABPR approval for the composting of both Category 3 Animal By-Products and meat-included catering waste. The performance of the technology has been independently assessed and measured by the Organic Resource Agency. A copy of their report is available upon request. Please use the media contacts below.

NES's processes were researched and developed over a period of 7 years. According to the Environment Agency's formal assessment they are proven to divert over 80% of biodegradable municipal waste from landfill, whilst recovering dry recyclables. In 2007 NES secured a £50 million finance package from the full service commercial bank Norddeutsche Landesbank.

For more information on New Earth Solutions Limited, please visit: www.newearthsolutions.co.uk

About Premier:

The Premier Group was established in order to offer a range of investment funds specifically targeted at experienced investor clients of professional intermediaries throughout the world. Based in the respected offshore financial services centre of the Isle of Man, since the launch of the first fund in 2001, funds under management have grown to exceed $1.1billion.

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