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New Genie® GTH™-5021 R rotating telehandler helps buid tunnel in Italy

New Genie® GTH™-5021 R rotating telehandler helps build tunnel in Italy

Following the launch of the new Genie® GTH™-telehandler range, beginning of last year authorized Genie Distributor for GTH products Simo S.r.l. provided Caposele S.c.a.r.l., (a consortium composed of Vianini Lavori S.p.A., Ghella S.p.A. and Giuzio s.r.l.) with a new Genie GTH-5021 R rotating telehandler to support the complex drilling and consolidation of a water tunnel, in southern Italy.

The new tunnel, named the Pavoncelli Bis, was designed to replace the original early 20th century Pavoncelli Tunnel, that was closed following damage caused by an earthquake that affected the Campania region surrounding Naples, in 1980. Like the original construction, the new tunnel will serve to capture spring water at its source in the mountains of the region of Campania, before it is carried further south, via the Sele-Calore and main Apulian Aqueduct, to the 1.3 million inhabitants of the Puglia region, where this spring water is key for their main water supply. Construction of the new tunnel commenced in 1985, but was never finished. Since, Caposele has been commissioned to complete the project.

To adapt to challenging jobsite conditions, Caposele needed a powerful machine combining the ability to perform a wide range of routine tasks, as well as handling and transporting heavy 2-ton (4,409 lb) pallets of steel girders, piping, and other heavy materials, to and from the storage yard over extremely rough and inclined terrain to the tunnel entrance. It also needed a solution that could manoeuvre well, while providing sufficiently long outreach to perform maintenance tasks on scaffolding at height to efficiently access the steep, confined area surrounding the narrow 3.4 m (11 ft 1 in) tunnel entrance.

For Caposele, the new GTH-5021 telehandler offered several key features that were decisive in its purchase decision. “When Simo recommended the rotating GTH-5021 R, it certainly was sound advice,” says Massimo Secondulfo, Jobsite Manager, Caposele.
Effectively, the GTH-5021 R telehandler combines several key benefits that proved to be particularly well-suited to the job. “Our operators rapidly mastered the machine’s turret rotation thanks to its intuitive joystick control, and its ability to handle heavy work with or without deploying the outriggers has proved to be an advantage for work close up to the tunnel entrance.”

Genie® GTH™-5021 R rotating telehandlerOffering a maximum 20.87 m (68 ft 5 in) lifting height and maximum 18.2 m (59 ft 8 in) outreach, the GTH-5021 R telehandler also benefits from a wide choice of easily interchangeable attachments, that are common to all six models of the GTH-telehandler range. “We have been using the fixed hook on plate, mechanical jib and man platform which have enabled us to perform all the tasks we need with just one machine,” explains Mr. Secondulfo.

As work continues to progress at a good, steady pace, Mr. Secondulfo concludes, “In terms of safety, visibility from the cabin is also excellent. We are fully satisfied with our new GTH-5021 R that has continuously performed extremely efficiently and reliably despite the tough conditions, even with temperatures in excess of 40° C (104° F) during the hot summer months and with temperatures below 0° C (132° F) in winter.”

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