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New guide ball bushing LG from THK provides a more compact cost effective design

Thanks to the introduction of raceways, the new guide ball bushing features greatly increased load capacities and an integrated anti-twist feature. This provides a more compact cost effective design of this linear guide unit.

The four raceways using circular arc groove design are evenly positioned around the circumference of the shaft and inside the nut. In comparison with the conventional ball bushing product using point contact, the load capacity is increased by a factor of 2,4 to 3,8 depending on the size considered. The resultant effect of the load capacity increases the lifetime exponentially. Therefore providing a much-improved performance from the same envelope size of ball bushing. In addition the ball raceways offer the ability to support torque and so provides an anti-twist feature.

This new guided ball bushing LG from THK is initially available with shaft diameters of 4, 6 and 8 mm. The short nut version, designated LG-S, has the same dimensions as the standard LM ball bushing of LM series. The long version nut, designated LG-L, is also available. Compared with LT type ball splines, the new LG series is more compact, with reduced nut length and outer diameter dimensions.

Please request your free brochure providing detailed information of this new product from THK.

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