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New Harley Scientific Fibrecheck supplied by SMH Products improves asbestos detection and measurement.

Improved detection and measurement of hazardous airborne fibre particles is provided by the advanced Harley Scientific Fibrecheck supplied by SMH Products, the UK’s leading manufacturer of electronic asbestos counters.

The Harley Scientific Fibrecheck can be used to quickly and accurately assess the ambient air-borne levels of fibrous hazards, in particular asbestos and other man made mineral fibres, during the strip-out and refurbishment of buildings and industrial complexes.

This enables authorities to measure in real time the airborne asbestos fibres (the alternative is to take an air sample and send it away for testing, which can take up to three days before the results are known).

The upgraded instrument draws air in through a front inlet at a rate of two litres per minute before it goes through a cyclone filter to remove excessively large particles, which are caught in a dirt trap. The sampled air is then passed into the optics module where precision laser technology is used to detect and measure the size of any respiratory airborne particles or fibres.

Harley Scientific Fibrecheck is capable of measuring several fibre types including serpentines, amphiboles, vitreous, organic and ferrous and can detect particles with a diameter as low as 0.2µ (typ) and a minimum resolvable fibre aspect ratio of 1:3 (typ).

The instrument can be used for a wide range of hazardous material removal and disposal applications in the power generation, oil and gas, petrochemical manufacturing, and industrial process sectors. It is ideal for use by demolition and emergency services as the machine gives an immediate readout of airborne fibres.

Typically, it can be used during asbestos removal contracts to detect fibre concentrations outside and inside the working areas and confirm whether leakages are occurring in adjacent sections. It can also be used to check that a site is free of contaminates once refurbishment work has been completed.

It can also be deployed to ascertain whether accidental exposure to fibrous airborne particles has occurred and that locations are once again safe for normal use, especial during and after fires.

The instrument is easy-to-use and can be operated by anyone using the frontal keypad and following the instructions shown on the built-in 20 character, four line LCD display screen.

This shows the tests results in an easy-to-understand format, demonstrating the number of particles processed and the result of the calculation of the cumulative fibre concentration in terms of fibres/ml of air – concentrations as low as 0.001 fibres/ml can be shown.

Sample times can be set from one minute to up to nine hours while the start-up time can be delayed by over four days if required depending on specific user requirements.

Harley Scientific Fibrecheck can be easily transported to site in an impact and water resistant protective case, which can accommodate a range of accessories including sample tubes, a portable printer, connector leads and a lightweight rechargeable battery which provides up to 10 hours of operating power between charges.

Onsite prints outs can be provided showing the fibre level and particle count for the entire length of the test period. Run references and the serial number of the Harley Scientific Fibrecheck in use are also included with every print out for improved data recording and quality assessment purposes.

South Shields-based SMH Products Ltd has a network of branches across the UK and France and manufactures and supplies decontamination equipment for the asbestos removal sector and associated industries including nuclear, chemical and others involved with hazardous substances in the Europe and Worldwide.

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