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New - High Accuracy Therma 1T Digital Thermometer

New – high accuracy Therma 1T Digital Thermometer

The new Therma 1T digital thermometer from Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd (ETI) utilises high accuracy (±0.2 °C) interchangeable type T thermocouple probes which offer both fast response and durability.

The Therma 1T thermometer is particularly suitable for food processing and foodservice applications where a guaranteed accuracy of better than 0.5 °C is required, (the minimum requirement of the current food safety legislation).  Each instrument has a guaranteed accuracy of better than 0.2 °C; likewise the interchangeable probes also have an accuracy of 0.2 °C giving a guaranteed system accuracy of 0.4°C or better.  This aspect is often overlooked by food professionals when selecting a thermometer for critical food temperature monitoring.

The unit is powered by three AAA batteries that give a minimum of 10,000 hours (or five years) use, powering off automatically after 10 minutes, maximising battery life.  This feature can be disabled by the user if not required.

Measuring temperature over the range of -100 to 400 °C with a 0.1 °C resolution, the instrument is housed in a robust, ABS case that includes ‘Biomaster’ additive which reduces bacterial growth.  The thermometer incorporates an easy to use miniature type T thermocouple connector, allowing a wide range of interchangeable probes to be used.

The Therma 1T meets the needs of food processing and foodservice professionals who don’t wish to pay for features they’ll never use and simply need a well-designed, robust economically priced food thermometer to check that food temperatures are within defined limits.

The Therma 1T thermometer is competitively priced, at £50 exclusive of VAT and carriage.  An extensive of interchangeable probes are available, as are optional extras such as protective silicone boots and a stainless steel wall bracket.

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