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New High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans for UK from Pickerings Lifts Loading Systems

Pickerings Lifts Loading Systems has announced the addition of a range of market leading High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans to its product range. Created using complex aerodynamic principles, HVLS fans are designed to provide energy efficient cooling and heating solutions for warehouse, storage and distribution facilities by creating a constantly circulating, slow moving air mass in large spaces. The HVLS fan range is now available throughout the UK and Europe.

The HVLS fans also contribute towards BREEAM excellence ratings and can deliver a return on investment within 18 months of installation.

Marcus Clissold, Business Development Manager at Pickerings Lifts Loading Systems, said: "We’re delighted to introduce the HVLS fans to the UK and European markets. The fans offer a number of key benefits for facilities including delivering a significant saving on energy bills by reducing energy consumption, improving working conditions by stabilising the stratification in temperature controlled storage areas, thereby protecting product integrity."

The HVLS fans are available in various sizes from 8 ft, to 24ft and in order to showcase the full range to potential customers, Pickerings Lifts has opened a dedicated demonstration area at its Midlands premises.

Marcus added: "The HVLS fan range perfectly complements the existing products in our Loading Systems portfolio and allows us to provide bespoke temperature control solutions in addition to the range of flexible solutions that we already offer our clients."

The HVLS fans now available from Pickerings Lifts are one of the most durable and efficient in the industry. The slow moving air mass produced provides significant benefits as follows:

The two to three mph breeze created by the HVLS fans delivers the equivalent of a 3 to 7 degree decrease in perceived temperature.

Temperature is regulated from floor to ceiling, which can allow a facility to amend its thermostat setting between three and five degrees creating a potential energy saving of four per cent per degree change.

Air circulation helps keep food and produce dry and fresh, reducing the potential for decay or spoilage. It reduces stagnant air, hot and cold spots and condensation.

HVLS fans are designed to operate in reverse which helps de-stratify the air in refrigerated environments.
Floor condensation is minimised by keeping floors drier and safer for foot and motorised traffic. Indoor air quality is improved through the dispersal of fumes.

Fans can be operated from a central location allowing easy monitoring of fan activity and performance.

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