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New Hybox containers save space

Newest structural molding innovation from Innova Packaging Systems (IPS), Ieper, Belgium, are reusable, collapsible HyBox® shipping containers, the largest a meter square by 1200 mm high. Photo shows stacking of two erected boxes (left). Once emptied, sidewalls fold (top center) and store between base and lid (right), reducing collapsed height to 240 mm for storage and shipment ease. Final photo (bottom center) shows the same two boxes fully collapsed and stacked. Base and lid components are structural web molded together in one cycle on a wide-platen Uniloy Milacron press. Foldable sidewalls are injection molded in triple-wall corrugated PP. Structural molding provides strength and weight savings, while offering hygiene advantages over wood and cardboard. The hygienic boxes (hence HyBox name) are mainly used in the agriculture, food processing and pharmaceutical industries.

IPS is Europe’s largest custom structural plastic molder with four Uniloy Milacron presses. Engineered for molding of very large, high-strength structural plastic parts, the presses offer platen sizes ranging from 2490 x 2260 mm (98” x 89”) to 4241 x 2641 mm (167” x 104”) with up to 4572 mm (180”) of stroke/mold daylight. The largest press is used to mold a rigid wall, 1.2 meter square HyBox, Europe’s largest one-piece plastic part.

“We bring solutions to plastic molding — ways to economically mold extremely large, high-strength structural parts, complex shapes, and multiples of large parts, even in different materials and colors,” stresses Bernard Forment, IPS Operations Manager. “We welcome the opportunity to show our creativity at applying the unique capabilities of gas-assist structural molding.” The company provides a product development and design service to help customers take fullest advantage of structural molding capabilities, he adds.
Sample IPS parts demonstrating structural molding capabilities will be exhibited Oct. 20-27 at Milacron’s K Show stand (B05) in Hall 15.

Powered by its distinctive structural molding abilities, IPS is growing by about 15% a year, according to Forment. Founded in 1988, the company has a six hectare manufacturing facility in Ieper and 95 employees.
For more information on IPS: Phone +32 57 22 91 10. Fax +32 57 21 92 27. Website: www.ips-belgium.com

For more information on Uniloy Milacron structural molding presses, contact Ed Hunerberg, executive director, structural foam business. Phone 734-428-2271. Website: www.uniloymilacron.com

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