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New Hyster Fortens comes up smelling of roses at WJ Reid Ltd

Environments don't come much harsher than working with phosphates, potash and nitrates but the Hyster Fortens lift trucks supplied by Barloworld Handling have proved that they can cope.

As business steadily increased over the last five years WJ Reid needed more robust and reliable lift trucks for their unforgiving operation. “We have a very harsh environment for lift trucks to work in so we wanted a lift truck we could rely on. We have a good working relationship with Barloworld Handling and like the Hyster product,” commented Managing Director, Ian Ferris

WJ Reid has found Auto Deceleration on the H3.5FT-A Fortens to be particularly beneficial as it prevents wheel spin when changing direction. Conditions on site can be extremely greasy and this feature has improved safety and tyre and brake wear and tear. Trucks must travel over a variety of surfaces and the HSM Stability system coupled with Michelin tyres have improved driver comfort. As Ian Ferris comments, “The operators must enjoy using the trucks as we haven't had any moans and groans from them – most unusual.”

WJ Reid (Fertilisers) Ltd is part of J&H Bunn Ltd and have operated in Montrose Scotland since 1971. They are the UK's largest blender of fertilisers with an extensive range of between 350 and 400 different products. Many of the fertilisers are tailor-made for their customers who are either merchants or farmers who have varied needs depending on crop and soil type.

Fertilisers are blended in batch runs that can range from 5 tonnes to several thousands of tonnes and are made up from a mixture of phosphates, potash, ammonium nitrate and other products – all highly corrosive.

Once blended the fertiliser is packaged in 500kg bags and taken by the Hyster Fortens H3.5FT-A, 3,500kg capacity, diesel powered lift truck to the capacity warehouse and stored up to three bags high. The bags are then loaded onto lorries, which can peak at between 30 and 40 a day, four at a time by the lift truck using 1800mm forks.

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www.barloworld- handling.co.uk

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