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New innovative products exhibited at CEMAT 2005

In the year of the 260th company anniversary J D Neuhaus GmbH & Co KG (JDN) presents its innovative product programme during the CeMAT exhibition in Hanover. A range of new product developments are being shown, hall 12, booth number F61.

JDN Air Hoists Profi TI
These Profis are available with carrying capacities of 250 kg up to 16 ton. The proven and patented motor-brake system known from the JDN Mini, resulting in a consequent reduction of components and optimised chain drive, guarantee an operation with low maintenance and little wear. The increased performance by up to 50% means more efficient and reliable operation with higher lifting and lowering speeds for the end user.

At the same time the sound pressure level is further reduced. This means less noise stress for the operator and more protection and safety at the working place. This is accompanied by a redesigned overload protection. As standard the hoists are supplied with an emergency valve in the main air supply enabling the user to shut off the energy supply in case of an emergency.

The Profi does not need any additional motor lubrication. The rotor of the vane motor has special chambers filled with high quality grease continuously lubricating the motor during operation. The lubricant is not emitted to the environment and for this new development JDN has been granted a patent.

The very compact design features no protruding control hoses or elements which could be damaged, making the Profi even suitable for horizontal pulling and rough treatment.

JDN Air Winches
As a new highlight JDN Air Winches will also be presented. Three types are available:
JDN Lifting Winches Profi Lifter 500/800
JDN Lifting Winches Profi Lifter 1200/2000
JDN Pulling Winches Profi Puller 1800/3000
Capacities of 500 kg (1100 lbs) up to 3000 kg (6600 lbs).

Winches of the Lifter 500/800 series are predestined for universal and mobile applications due to their size. Profi Lifter 1200/2000 and Puller 1800/3000 in a compact durable steel structure are for all applications with higher demands.

The JDN Air Winches utilize a self lubricating vane motor with integrated brake function for fewer components. This technology has been proven in our chain hoists series. JDN wire rope winches with high rope capacity feature a compact, safe design and are easy to install and operate.

With a fully variable speed lever control at the motor or via E-Type or FI-Type pendant control the winches are easy to operate. As an added safety feature the pendant options are available with a main air emergency shut off valve.

Drum integrated exhaust air cooled planetary gear provides a minimum of maintenance at a maximum of reliability. High rope capacity at a 4-layer spooling extends the application range and the ideal ratio of rope/drum diameter (factor 21) ensures a long duty cycle of the rope. Profi Lifter 1200/2000 and Puller 1800/3000 are fitted with an overload protection as standard.

Further options: Fully adjustable drum guard for multiple rope working angles, longer drums to accommodate max. rope capacities, rope drum with grooving for good guiding characteristics over several rope layers, pressure roller to secure the rope package, offshore paint kits. The Puller series features an additional free-spooling clutch for manual rope spooling while unloaded. The Lifter series has a limit switch system.

JDN Big Bag Handling Air Hoists (BBH)
For big bag handling applications, J.D. Neuhaus offers innovative system solutions with carrying capacities of 1000 kg and 2000 kg. Designs with one or two lifting hooks are available.

With one lifting hook the hoists are suitable for cross beams. Thereby the large distance between the hook and the chain box is particularly advantageous. This guarantees that there is no danger of collision between the load and the chain box while lifting. With two load hooks the BBH hoists are suitable for more complex multi-point cross beams or simple rod cross beams with two means of suspension.

Due to the extreme low construction height the hoists are particularly suited for handling of big bags and for the movement of all kinds of bulky loads. They are also usable as synchronised hoists in two-hook design. Due to the use of proven JDN serial components the BBH hoists are very economical and reliable. A chain box is included as standard. All BBH hoists are adjustable to various I-profiles; even the hook distance can be adjusted later.

Thanks to the drive medium being compressed air (4 bar or 6 bar), the duty rating of all JDN Air Hoists and Winches is 100%. They do not therefore require any down time. Their compressed air drive also makes them suitable for use in hazardous areas. The explosion classification according to EC Directive 94/9/EEC (Atex 100 a) is “Ex II 2 GD IIA T4(X)/II 3 GD IIB T4(X)” for the standard version (Profi Lifter 500/800 “Ex II 3 GD IIA T4(X)”) and “Ex II 2 GD IIC T4(X)” with increased spark protection.

The applications are thus virtually unlimited. Whether it’s in the chemical industry, on an oil rig, in a foundry or in a ship’s engine room, JDN Air Hoists and Winches have the power to do the job.

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