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New interlocking wheel chock safegaurds rigids and semi-trailers

Industrial-safety specialist Castell has added a UK version of Salvo Chock to its Salvo range of drive-away prevention systems. Used in combination with the EU model, the new unit removes the risk of drive-aways occurring during loading operations involving all rigid vehicles or semi-trailers.

Salvo Chock introduces discipline into the chocking procedure by interlocking the chock to the loading bay. If the chock is not correctly fitted, the bay door cannot be opened. The chock also provides a striking visual deterrent to a time-conscious or neglectful driver who is tempted to prematurely depart from a loading bay.

Once the driver has positioned the vehicle at the bay, the chock is collected and positioned; the yellow UK version is fitted to the vehicle's front right wheel, while the orange EU model is intended for the front left. Depressing the foot pedal three times clamps the two halves of the chock around the wheel and releases the trapped key. It should be noted that the key cannot be removed while the chock is in its free state.

Salvo Chock is now tightly clamped and cannot be removed unless the coded Castell key is reinserted. The key is transferred to the control panel located at the loading bay, which allows the loader inside the warehouse to open the door.

To remove Salvo Chock, the loader must first close the loading bay door. The driver can then remove the key from the control panel and return to the chock. Inserting the key and pumping the pedal releases the pressure and allows removal of the chock.

Salvo Chock is designed to fit rigid vehicles and semi-trailers with a wheel size of up to 295/80R22.5 (94cm diameter). The unit is heavy-duty and features a stainless-steel locking mechanism.

The Castell Building,
217 Kingsbury Road,
London NW9 9PQ, UK
Tel: 020 8200 1200
Fax: 020 8205 0055
E-mail: sales@castell.co.uk

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