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New Interroll space-saving slimline Belt Curves

The new Interroll Belt Curve Type 4608 not only excels with its slimline, space-saving design, but offers many operational benefits and extended belt lifetime.
The design of the new Interroll Belt Curve incorporates cylindrical return rollers to reduce belt tension (as opposed to tapered return rollers) and as a result this drastically reduces wear and significantly increased its lifetime. In order to compensate for the lack of tension, the belt is driven via a toothed profile integrated on the outer edge.

Even with the higher lifecycles of the belts, if any maintenance is required or the belt has to be changed, this too is an easy matter and can be completed within 10 minutes. This has been achieved through innovative design of the Interroll belt curve, as the motor does not have to be dismantled and all mechanical parts required to install the belt (excluding safety guards) can be removed and re-fitted without using tools.

The extremely low, slimline profile design, measuring only 160mm deep overall, is space saving and is ideal for integrating into systems, especially where belt conveyors operate in tiers, above each other. Setting new standards, the quiet running belt curve will operate at speeds of 0.1 – 2.5 m/s, and with impressively low noise levels, under 64 dB (A).

Interroll Belt Curves can be made – to – measure according to the customer’s application requirements. Thanks to top and bottom ‘T’ slots, a feature of the aluminium extrusion used to form the side profiles, Interroll Belt Curves can very easily be integrated into the customers supporting steelwork. A range of additional accessory parts can be also be specified and mounted, if required to support handling operations.

Interroll reported, ”The new Interroll Belt Curve offers significant design improvements that result in improved longer belt lifecycle and extremely short belt change time if required, which in turn means improved cost- efficiencies.”

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