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New KABELSCHLEPP product family with revolutionary design, optimized chain geometry and powerful functionality

Efficiency, process reliability and functionality, but also design and ecological compatibility – components for machinery and plant engineering always need to meet latest requirements. Against this background KABELSCHLEPP GmbH, in Wenden-Gerlingen, developed a completely new product family of cable and hose carriers. A closed version was released at the EMO in Hanover as the first type of this product family. The new Tube is perfectly leak tight and thus particularly suitable for applications in dirty environments, where chips and dust are created.

At the first glance the appealing, revolutionary design attracts the attention: The new plastic cable and hose carrier TUBE TKA55 is particularly stylish with minimum gap widths and a smooth side belt contour. In future this design will form the new style of KABELSCHLEPP.

New chain geometry and cover design
The uniform, extremely tight construction most effectively prevents the entering of dirt and dry as well as wet chips, a factor that normally fosters chain wear and also impairs the service life of cables and hoses. The very narrow gap width was achieved by a form-closed redesign of the covers. They practically fit seamlessly into one another. In addition they also protrude over the side belts and enclose these most accurately. The smooth and dirt repellent side belt contour with encapsulated stroke system also prevents the entry of foreign matter and protects the function most reliably.

With an integrated sound-proofing the chain is very quiet and, due to the optimized polygonal behaviour in the bend radius (BR), the chain runs very smoothly. Thanks to the new shape of the covers, the inside height can be fully utilized, even in the BR. The covers can be loosened either inside or outside and thus enable quick installation of cables and hoses and inspection work. Moreover, due to their stability they also provide perfect hold, even for hydraulic hoses.
Optimal protection of cables and hoses installed is also equally ensured from the inside. The inside of the chain compartment has been designed without any interfering edges; during operation with extreme dynamic movements and forces this protects coatings and insulation materials as well as internal components such as wires or strands in electric cables.

For the purpose of separation and reliable positioning we have allocation specific divider systems available – either movable or fixed. For the latter the products are designed in such a way, that a positive connection to the covers is ensured. The dividers are thereby "anchored" resulting in an even higher stability. This is particularly beneficial with chain arrangements lying on their side.

With the UMB (Universal Mounting Brackets) the TKA55 can be conveniently connected from the top, the bottom and from the front. Due to the innovative cover system the chain is tightly closed all the way to the connection. At the connecting elements the cables and hoses can be fastened with additional C-rails and Linefix U-clamps or with strain relief combs. Designs that can be opened from inside enable particularly quick installation of cables and hoses.

Customer requirements most perfectly fulfilled
Moreover, the new cable and hose carriers offer manifold advantages in practice. Based on the design, which is also characterized by grasping behind the stops and an encapsulated and, for the first time, triple stroke system, it has a high bending and torsional rigidity.

The Newcomer to the KABELSCHLEPP portfolio is most suitable for applications with high movement speeds, with large unsupported lengths or for gliding arrangements. The inside covers are equipped with abrasion resistant, robust skids in order to reduce wear and achieve the longest possible service life. Compared with other cable and hose carriers available in the market, even better results concerning noise emissions could be achieved with the optimized polygonal behaviour and the new internal sound proofing. In addition the chain has been optimized in weight. The use of material was reduced and the manufacturing time shortened; both factors help to reduce production related CO2 emissions – the TUBE therefore meets all production specific ecological design requirements specified by VDMA with respect to energy efficiency and the use of resources.

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