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New Kardex Sentinel delivers

Secure vertical carousel system uses best-in-class technology to serve the right parts to the right people faster than ever before

The handling of fast moving high value or mission-critical components in the production or distribution environment has been made quicker, safer and more reliable thanks to the new Sentinel vertical carousel from automated materials handling specialist Kardex.
The Sentinel system contains up to 26 carriers that rotate automatically under computer control to deliver requested components directly to the operator at a convenient and ergonomically appropriate height. Automatic sliding doors arrayed across the picking face of the Sentinel synchronise with the rotating shelves to offer access only to the exact component or storage bin requested.

With full software control over user access and permissions, the Sentinel system enables mistake-proof access for even the most sensitive or safety-critical applications. User-friendly control software maintains a complete record of access by user and part number for perfect inventory control and audit purposes. As the opening height of each lift door is under full software control, access can be altered as parts are removed.

The new Sentinel units are based on the same platform as the well proven Kardex Industriever range of conventional vertical carousels, a design change that allows users to benefit from improved speed, greater configuration flexibility and more competitive pricing than ever before. The common platform approach has significant benefits for existing Industriever users too, as the Sentinel door system can now be retrofitted to any modern Industriever installation.

The overall dimensions of the machine can be tailored to the user's requirements, while internal shelves can be configured to a variety of different heights and depths.
“Since its introduction, we've been impressed by the wide range of uses customers find for the Sentinel machine”, says Clive Williams, UK sales manager at Kardex. “Industrial suppliers use them to hold and track consignment stocks at customer premises. Manufacturers have them to keep better track of consumable use on the shop floor; while companies in the pharmaceutical sector use them to maintain highly-accurate inventory records during drug development and production. Wherever there is a need to store parts efficiently and access them quickly while keeping them under full control, Sentinel provides the answer.”

On top of its superb security and access control features, the Sentinel offers users all the advantages of the underlying Kardex Industriever carousel system. By ensuring ?that parts are always delivered at a comfortable working height, the system eliminates around 80 percent of the manual handling effort typically associated with static shelving systems. Advanced picking and sequencing algorithms, which can operate in standalone mode or integrate with all the major warehouse management systems, minimise travel time and ensure the highest possible levels of operator productivity. The vertical carousel configuration allows maximum storage density and best use of limited floor space.

As with all Kardex automated systems, customer requirements are evaluated by specialists prior to system design and followed by turnkey installation. Mission-critical reliability is ensured by the nationwide network of Kardex service and support engineers, 24/7 back-up and remote diagnostics capability.

Kardex has operations in 30 countries and employs over 1000 people. For more information visit www.kardex.co.uk

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