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New keyless door interlock bolsters Salvo range

NEW KEYLESS DOOR INTERLOCK Castell has expanded its drive-away prevention system Salvo with the introduction of Gallant, a keyless door interlock designed specifically for manually-operated warehouse loading bay doors.

The interlock will only allow the door to be unlocked and opened once the Salvo permit key has been inserted into a separate control box located on the exterior wall of the loading bay; while the key is trapped in the box, the trailer's brakes are locked on and the trailer immobilised.
Gallant comprises a solenoid-controlled latch lock with auxiliary switch contacts. The auxiliary contacts provide the option of controlling the use of a dock leveller or loading bay traffic lights.

In normal circumstances, a trailer to be loaded / unloaded is reversed into a loading bay. The yard marshall or other trained operative fits the Salvo Susie lock to the emergency airline coupling, releasing the permit key. The key is inserted into the control box adjacent to the bay door and, when turned, energises the Gallant's solenoid. The door can then be unlatched via the locking bolt and opened.

As long as the door is open, the bolt cannot be reinserted into the Gallant and the interlocking sequence cannot be reversed. Only when loading / unloading is complete, and the loader driver has retreated from within the trailer, can the bay door be closed and the interlocking sequence reversed, allowing the vehicle to depart from the bay.

Gallant can be used in a variety of other warehouse bay door applications, regardless of the type of vehicle involved.

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