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New label for multi layer counterfeit protection

On the basis of a hologram label, 3S Simons Security Systems GmbH has developed a new security label which protects products and packaging against counterfeiting and manipulation. Due to the integration of the micro colour-code SECUTAG® and additional variable security features, the new label turns into a multi-layer security concept.

More and more counterfeit products enter the legal supply chain. Against this background, it is essential for companies from all industry and trade sectors to find appropriate methods for the protection of their products. To assist them in their fight against counterfeiting, German 3S Simons Security Systems GmbH has developed a new generation of security labels.

A hologram made of VOID or PET foil, optimised by 3S with regards to its anti-counterfeiting characteristics, forms the basis of this solution. A SECUTAG® micro colour-code is included in the hologram label. This code is microscopically small, consists of different colour layers and is manufactured in different sizes beginning at 8 micrometers.

Each customer receives an individual colour-code which unambiguously identifies his labels and products as originals. The SECUTAG® micro colour-code has been forgery-proof for over 15 years and is accepted as evidence by international courts. SECUTAG® offers users worldwide an easy and legally binding identification of their original products by use of a simple microscope. The protection is invisible to the naked eye.

Apart from hologram and micro colour-code, the label can be provided with additional security features. These are, for example, tilting and kinegram effects, and serial numbering. Special security stamping further protects against unauthorized removing of the label. In the PET version, recesses for the company logo can be integrated into the upper foil.

Furthermore, the label allows for the inclusion of variable customer data as well as a special UV or infrared marking. The traceability of products and their packaging is also taken into account: Track & trace codes like data matrix can also be implemented into the label. As a result, the new 3S label turns into a multi-layer security concept.

The permanently adhesive labels can be applied in all industries, either as closure seals, security stamps or stickers. They are suited for the application on different products, materials and packaging. The labels are delivered as neutral security labels or they are individually manufactured and equipped with the requested security features in the 3S production facilities.

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