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New longer lasting chain for heavy duty forklift trucks and container handlers

Leading leaf chain manufacturer FB Chain Ltd has announced the launch of a new range of chain specifically developed to offer maximum service life when fitted to container handlers and other heavy-capacity forklift trucks operating in and around ports and terminals.

Thanks to its robust design, FB’s new SuperEndurance (SE) chain is able to withstand the impact of shock loading – the effect on a lift truck’s chain caused by regular operation over rough terrain – and the kind of corrosive working conditions encountered at ports, for far longer than conventional leaf chain.

Tests have shown that SE chain offers 25 per cent greater fatigue strength and 50 per cent lower wear rate than standard chain – even when used with trucks fitted spreader attachments and working almost constantly under load throughout the longest shifts.

The combination of conventional and ‘press fit’ inner links gives the chain its increased load bearing and fatigue resistance qualities. This construction method also allows the truck’s load to be more evenly distributed across the chain’s pins – thus reducing pin turning, which is a common cause of chain malfunction.

Made to order, SuperEndurance Chain is interchangeable with all equivalent LH (DL) chain types that are made ISO 4347 and is suitable for use with all leading makes and sizes of lift truck and container handling equipment.

SE chain is also available with additional bushing (SuperEndurance Bushed, or SEB chain) which reduces lifetime wear still further by eliminating imperfections in the plate holes.

Peter Church, managing director of FB Chain Ltd, comments: "The new SuperEndurance chain offers a considerable advantage of standard construction leaf chain and Is ideal for extending forklift chain service life in high load leaf chain applications. Its inherent strength and fatigue resistance means that truck downtime caused by chain failure is greatly reduced."

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