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New LS7 Signal Tower from Patlite Europe

The elegantly shaped LS7 series tower fixtures are not only pleasing to the eye. Neither water nor dust stick to the absolutely smooth plastic surface. No metal components such as screws or connectors are exposed. That makes the LS7 series ideal for use in the food industry and also in the chemical, medical and pharmaceutical sectors. An outer cover made of clear, impact-resistant polycarbonate protects the LED modules and reduces the risk of damage from oil mist or chemical vapours. Due to a special patented lens prism cut, the cover has no adverse effect on the discernibility of the different signal colours, which are visible from a long distance.

Connecting made easy
Bracket, body, LEDs and cover are assembled by simply fitting them together. This practical construction and the optional wireless version with an M12 plug-in connection reduce the time for installation and removal. In addition to the conventional installation method using three screws, PATLITE also offers a two-screw version, to further facilitate mounting of the signal tower. Another practical feature is that the body is also used as a relay box. This eliminates the need for an external terminal box.

Optional audible alarm
PATLITE developed a buzzer for the LS7 that supplements the visual signal. With a sound level of up to 85 dB it is louder than the noise emission of any production machine, so that the machine operator will always be sure to hear the warning signal. The version with cable includes two buzzer alarm tones. In the version with the M12 connector, the buzzer generates a continuous tone.

Tests passed
The LS7 has successfully passed numerous tests for resistance against water, dust, heat, cold and various vibration frequencies and shocks and fulfils the requirements for protection class IP66. It withstands virtually every type of exposure to the elements and shines brightly in every environment. The LS7 is available in the colours ivory, black and silver.

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