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New MapMechanics 2007 Data Catalogue

30% bigger with new software section, wider coverage, more products, lower prices
MapMechanics, the UK's leaders in digital mapping, geographic information systems and logistics solutions, announces the publication of its new Data Catalogue. The MapMechanics' free Data Catalogue is much more than just a listing of data products; in its own right it is also a self-contained guide to GIS. It is one of the only printed guides of its kind still available on the market, since many other suppliers' product listings are now only available on the Internet.

The MapMechanics' Data Catalogue is packed full of new up to date data sets with lower prices, extra features and new options for analysis in UK, Europe and across the world, together with an entire new section devoted to software innovations.

In the new software application section, a range of case studies are provided together with details and clear screen shots of the software products employed. Examples show how property agency, Christie & Co., created thousands of maps in minutes with the new JPEG generator for GeoConcept GIS and how a contract for Northern Rail used the latest advances in MapMechanics Mobile technology to produce a “definite upturn in efficiency”. Key topics in this new section include market analysis, routing and scheduling, drive time and distance calculations, internet, intranet and extranet mapping, territory management and field force optimisation.

The data product listing remains the biggest section of the catalogue & is completely restructured to fit in the significantly extended range of world-wide products. The new 2007 catalogue is arranged by continent or sub-continent (e.g. Australia or Central Asia), so that the hundreds of products are now easier to find and are presented adjacent to other products for the same geographic area. If for example a user needs data for Mexico, he'll find streets with address ranges, roads, census, Estados and Municipios boundaries, satellite imagery and postcode points for Mexico, all presented together in the Central America section.

The final part of the catalogue retains the popular reference section with detailed explanations about the types of data products required for different applications, how raster and vector mapping differs, how postcode and Census geography is structured, and how geodemographics are used.

The comprehensive index makes it easy for the user to find what he needs and “completely new”, “enhanced”, and “lower priced items” are helpfully highlighted throughout the product directory section.

In the UK, data has been updated and new information offered to reflect changes in Britain today. The updated UK lifestyle packs include new variables. For example, the income brackets have been altered to accommodate higher salaries and now include two new categories: “£50,000 p.a. to £74,999 p.a.”, and “income over £75,000 p.a.” Similarly the new “computing, television and telecoms” pack incorporates new technology, distinguishing between digital and analogue TV.

There are more types of mapping from a wider range of originators providing even more choice for users to make it easier to find the best product for a particular application.

The range of maps from OSNI (Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland) is extended with new colour and monochrome rasters at 1:10,000 scale, and new large scale vector mapping including g building outlines and spot heights, for example.

MapMechanics have included a completely new range of maps: EuroRegionalMap at 1:250,000, and EuroGlobalMap at 1:1 million for some 30 countries including Estonia, Great Britain and Ukraine. The EuroRegionalMap product is currently only available for 7 countries, but has exceptionally good water network connectivity with damns and lock navigability information.

World coverage is greatly increased for established favourites like NAVTEQ streets, GfK postal and administrative boundaries and MLD mapping. NAVTEQ data options now include new coverage for Russia, Australia, India, Argentina, Brazil, Taiwan, Thailand and South Africa. MapMechanics new GfK boundary and map data packs are listed for many more countries. Whether the user requires 5-digit postcodes for Sweden or communes for French Guiana, the product directory shows clear pricing. The range of MLD mapping is also greatly extended in many continents providing road and street data with parks, water features and points of interest for places as diverse as Greater Beirut, Panama City and Addis Ababa.

MapMechanics has responded to the demand for geocoding solutions (methods to attach grid references to user's own data so that it can be located on the map) with many more gazetteers, postcode point data sets and address management options. For example, new Australian address management with grid references, new gazetteers for Hong Kong and six-digit postcodes for India.

With some 24 extra pages of products this catalogue is an essential reference book for anyone who uses (or is considering using) mapping, routing and scheduling or GIS systems in the UK or abroad.

To obtain a free copy of this comprehensive catalogue and to discuss which data sets can help make a difference to your business in 2007 call MapMechanics on 020 8568 7000.

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