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New Materials Handling Survey

Results reveal one out of every five stored components takes longer than 10 minutes to retrieve
The latest Materials Handling Survey results conducted by automated storage and retrieval specialist, Kardex reveals that 20 percent of all components stored in warehouses nationwide take longer than ten minutes to retrieve. The survey aimed at warehouse and plant managers in the UK, seeks to identify the causes of operational inefficiency and learn how businesses cope with an ever increasing storage burden. Of the companies surveyed, the average workplace consisted of 300 employees, 11 of which were dedicated to stores and warehouse functions. The primary issue faced by managers surveyed was the improvement of low picking speeds.

“With companies seeking to increasingly diversifying their stock lines, the time required to retrieve critical components in warehouses has increased, resulting in slower order completion, lowered productivity and decreased revenues,” explains Clive Williams, sales manager for
Kardex UK. “Additionally, the Materials Handling Survey shows that during high activity peaks, when faster component retrieval is required, a third of companies require manual handlers to work overtime, which can become costly.”

One solution for providing reliable high speed component retrieval according to Kardex, is the use of automated storage and retrieval systems, like the Shuttle XP. The Shuttle XP is an intelligent automated vertical lift-based system that consists of fully enclosed loading bays stacked vertically within the system. Unlike traditional solutions, the computer controlled shuttling system quickly moves stored components from their respective bays to the conveniently positioned 'golden zone', an ergonomic picking bay designed to make component retrieval fast and effort free. The Shuttle XP can store up to 60 tonnes of components and saves up to 80 percent of floor space when compared to traditional
storage systems.

“By implementing high density automated materials handling solutions like the Shuttle XP, component delivery processes become faster, more reliable and secure. The resulting productivity improvements deliver the
competitive edge that enable businesses to recoup revenues that would otherwise be lost”, says Williams.

Kardex customers benefit from a comprehensive range of additional
services including analysis of storage requirements, assistance with equipment selection, configuration and integration. Flexible support contracts ensure that Kardex systems continue to operate at high efficiency levels and they can be adapted and upgraded to suit future

About Kardex
Kardex is one of the world's leading manufacturers of materials handling solutions. Its expertise spans from high density automated carousel solutions to scalable lift-based storage and retrieval systems. With more than 175,000 systems operating around the globe, Kardex delivers solutions that enable world class companies to access their critical
components quickly, efficiently and reliably.

Kardex has operations in 30 countries and employs more than 1000 people.
For more information visit www.kardex.co.uk

Kardex* and Shuttle XP* are registered trademarks of Kardex Systems (UK)

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