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New order picker range from Nissan

Extreme manoeuvrability and a unique suspension system for optimum safety and traction are major benefits of a new range of low level order pickers to be launched by Nissan.

The modular format of the new Nissan PP series enables users to specify an order picker tailored exactly to the requirements of their application – from fixed operator position and low lift forks to rising operator platform and high lift forks.

The range has been designed to cater for the growing variety of order picking operations in modern distribution and manufacturing warehouses, where the need is increasingly for highly intensive and often 24-hour a day working. Features available for optimum productivity include an advanced steering system and the option of increased stability to override hazardous manoeuvres automatically. For maximum operational versatility, all models within the series will operate in temperatures from -35°c to +40°c.

High travel speeds (12km/h unladen, 11km/h laden), rapid acceleration and fast fork lift and lower are provided via a powerful 2.2kW AC motor coupled to a 600Ah battery.
For smooth running and maximum traction, a unique “friction force” suspension system ensures that the drive wheel maintains constant optimum pressure on the ground, while the compact nature of the Nissan truck makes it particularly suitable for negotiating tight picking aisles. Load handling is up to 2500kgs.

With its significant focus on operator comfort for greater productivity, the non-slip platform on the Nissan PP is especially spacious (690mm x 430mm) and features free-floating vibration damping to reduce fatigue. Step heights of as little as 123mm allow easy access, with the option of an adjustable seat for longer distance travel.

The standard tiller arm has also been designed to provide maximum operator comfort and features secure hand grips and easy action fingertip controls to minimise arm movement while operating the truck, so reducing the risk of strain. With a keypad to provide PIN access for security, the tiller arm incorporates a back-lit LCD panel displaying battery status, hours worked, time and date and fault warnings.

For extended and arduous work cycles, a power steering system developed specifically for order picking features an adjustable, telescopic column with motorbike-style handlebars. This option requires minimal movement to take the truck to a 90° lock.

Both steering systems enable the operator to drive the truck safely while walking alongside it, greatly improving the the speed of single-item picking in longer aisles. Where rising platforms are specified, platform height is infinitely adjustable for the most comfortable working position. Forks on high-lift models can be adjusted to place the pallet at the most convenient height for loading from the racking.

Diagnostics built in to the Nissan PP's truck computer enable rapid fault finding to reduce downtime, with data also downloadable to a service centre via mobile phone for instant diagnosis. Performance characteristics such as speed, acceleration and braking can also be programmed to suit the skill levels of individual operators, with settings activated automatically as the operator's PIN is entered into the system.

Both in motion and while stationary, the Nissan PP is designed for greatest operator safety. Its Friction Force system imparts excellent stability, with smooth braking from its regenerative AC motor and emergency brake. In operation, ground clearance of just 55mm minimises the risk of foot injury, with robust guard rails on rising platform models and an integral safety switch to prevent the platform from moving unless the operator is on board.

Also available for the Nissan PP order picker range is the S3 stability system which automatically compensates for potentially hazardous manoeuvres. Truck speed is reduced if forks are raised or if the vehicle is turned sharply, so eliminating the risk of tipping and providing smoother and more energy efficient operation.

Nissan Forklift
Tel 0800 919968.
e-mail: forklifts@nissan.co.uk. www.nissanforklift.co.uk

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