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New overhead crane block keeps work moving

Expensive ‘downtime’ for overhead cranes could be a thing of the past, thanks to a revolutionary new replacement block system introduced by lifting gear distributor Certex UK.

The McKissick Quic-Kit is a compact, mobile system designed to provide a customised replacement block within minutes of the crane going down, saving companies hours and often weeks of valuable production time.

Supplied by the Crosby Group, the system can easily be configured to replace over 80% of overhead crane block applications, and is ready for use in less than five minutes. It covers wire rope diameters from 6.5mm to 26mm and also has adjustable sheave spacing allowing the customer to match their exact requirements.

Nigel Edwards, Sales Manager for Certex UK, explains the advantages of the new system. “Most overhead cranes operate without block spares, and if the block fails, the crane is out of action. Specific replacement blocks can take anything up to six weeks to arrive and in the meantime production stops or is severely disrupted.

“The beauty of the McKissick Quic-Kit system is that it can fit the majority of overhead cranes, and the kits are immediately available from us with next day delivery and a full fitting service,” he said.

Supplied in a portable case, the kit comes with easy-to-follow assembly instructions and contains all the tools necessary to carry out the replacement within a few minutes. Some companies may, therefore, choose to have one of the kits permanently at hand so as to further minimise delays.

“This option would suit the larger companies with their own crane maintenance staff,” explains Nigel Edwards. “They would be able to carry out the replacement themselves and then afterwards re-order the parts used to make the kit complete again. Certex also supplies a comprehensive range of assembled blocks so all options are covered,” he added.

As well as receiving full printed instructions, customers buying the kits are supplied with a special software package giving access to more time saving features. This includes the ability to create a printable dimensional drawing of the exact crane block required together with specific assembly instructions and the ability to print a list of replacement parts and inspection information.

“We are trying to make things as quick and easy for the customer as possible,” said Richard Oldknow, Director of Crosby Europe (UK). “We appreciate that time is crucial and this system allows companies to take control of their own production.

“The McKissick Quic-Kit is the only system of this type currently available in the UK and should revolutionise the overhead crane block market. With Certex acting as distributors, customers will also be able to access the product quickly and easily,” he added.

The kits are sold in ten different sizes allowing users to produce hundreds of variables of single and double sheave blocks. The 751 (single sheave) series has four different sizes with working load limits of 2, 3, 5, 7.5 and 10 tonnes; and the 752 (double sheave) series provides working load limits of 3, 5, 7.5, 10 and 15 tonnes.

On all sized kits, the sheave bearings are maintenance free and sealed for life (10,000 hours), the removable housing allows the block to be easily reeved without complete disassembly, and there is an option to attach an ‘anti two-block’ device.

For further information, please call Certex UK on 0845 230 7475 or visit the website at www.certex.co.uk

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