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New package padding, recyclable, reusable and degradable from FP International

The second product introduced as part of FP International’s Green Family is CELL-O GREEN, a cost effective, durable and environmentally responsible air cushion that offers superior void-fill and cushioning while also being lightweight, recyclable, reusable and degradable. Sustainable CELL-O GREEN packaging is made with post-consumer recycled HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). It is designed to be reused many times. However, once it has reached the end of its useful life, it can be recycled or incinerated for energy recovery.

Alternatively, CELL-O GREEN can be disposed of in landfill, where it will degrade naturally. Like FLO-PAK GREEN, it contains an additive that does not affect its performance or shelf life, but which allows the product to degrade harmlessly in the presence of micro-organisms in nine to 60 months.

CELL-O GREEN air cushions are used to protect books, cosmetics, engine parts, electronics, pharmaceuticals or any other products. Along with excellent protection, the customer also benefits from reduced packaging. CELL-O GREEN costs less than starch-based air cushions and is easier for packers to use as well as being gentler on their hands than crumpled or padded paper.

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