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NEW pick and pack system at IMHX 2013

IMHX 2013 visitors looking to increase the efficiency of pick-and-pack and dispatch zones will find the latest advances in mail order fulfillment and protective packaging from Automated Packaging Systems on Stand 20C10.

"Next generation automated and semi-automated mail order fulfilment Autobag® and SidePouch® systems have been available in the United States for several years, and they have revolutionised pick-and-pack operations for many customers," explains Automated Packaging Systems mail order fulfillment expert Martin Richards. "After the unveiling in Europe last summer, interest from online retailers has been particularly strong and the first multi-unit systems will be installed shortly."

Mail order fulfilment OneStep systems do exactly what the name implies: print postal and traceability data on the next bag out, then open it for packing and sealing in a single ‘step’. They are part of the ultra-reliable Autobag range of baggers and are available in vertical and horizontal configuration with the ability to process mail bags up to 400 x 700mm in size.

"While the OneStep AB systems can be successfully integrated into a fully automated packing line, their great advantage is the flexibility that can be realised in semi-automated operations," explains Martin Richards. "The AB 255 Horizontal OneStep we’re exhibiting at IMHX, for example, makes it possible for a single packer to increase output 10-fold without the need for substantial capital investment and system restructuring. It is realistic to expect print and packing speeds of 300-360packs/hour with one operator. The AB OneStep mail order systems are highly productive and very flexible while being simple to use and easily integrated into existing WMS and WCS processes."

In addition to AB OneStep systems, Automated Packaging Systems also offer the SidePouch® SPrint Autofulfillment system intended for higher volume applications with capability of running at speeds of 720packs/hour. The SPrint indexes opened bags to the operator ready to be loaded. Once the order details are scanned a label applicator will print and apply the relevant carrier label to the bag. The operator can then put the order contents into the open bag, before it continues along the conveyor to be sealed.

"It’s been designed for high volume fulfilment applications and can be customised for a wide range of products from apparel and footwear to bed and bath, home decor and healthcare or hardware and spares – in fact, just about anything that will ship in a poly bag.

"Unlike the alternatives, SPrint Autofulfillment bags can be changed in minutes by the operator, reducing downtime and the need for engineering support," says Martin Richards. "There’s a wide range of bag materials on offer including standard UV film mail bags which are white on the outside and black on the inside. All can be branded with high quality print and easy-openers are available for businesses focussing on improving the customer experience and perception of value."

AirPouch® Express 3™ void fill and FastWrap™ protective packaging systems will be on display, producing metres of AirPouch air pillows, bubbles and tubes at the push of a button. Compact and easy-to-use, both systems use materials conveniently boxed to reduce changeover time, increase run time and reduce storage requirements. AirPouch air pillows are available in EarthAware™ reprocessed and oxo-degradable materials to improve your green credentials.

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