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New Polylite mailing film provides 47 percent more film than regular polythene

Polylite’ mailing film, a new mailing film from Polythene UK, the largest broker of polythene film and bags in the UK, promises to provide the user/buyer between 36% – 47% more film per roll than any other regular polythene.

The new mailing film is supplied using a 3-layer extrusion that allows Polythene UK to produce thinner film whilst maintaining the recorded strength. With the ‘Polylite’ mailing film being high clarity and lightweight this leads to lower transportation requirements, less waste material and fewer roll changes – resulting in a more efficient production process and improved profit margins for the companies who use it.

James Woollard, Managing Director of Polythene UK, comments: "Our knowledge of the UK industry and our global network of suppliers enables us to provide the best-quality and best-priced mailing film around."

Polythene UK can manufacture the mailing films using various materials either mono or co-extruded, and the films are available plain or printed up to 8 colours. However it’s the ‘Polylite’ offering which provides the real value.

James explains: "Although we can offer a choice of materials, our ‘Polylite’ mailing film really does tick all the boxes. Not only can it provide nearly half more film per roll than regular polythene, but it also has huge environmental advantages, including a huge reduction in the use of oil based product during manufacture and less fuel consumption required for transportation, plus the material is 100% recyclable."

He continues: "Mailing film is becoming a very popular solution in today’s business world. It provides a cost effective way to dispatch literature and products through mailing and courier systems. It is an economical alternative to paper-based solutions and offers a high level of protection from both moisture and punctures. Our ‘Polylite’ mailing film is available now, and free samples are available on request."

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