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New problem based management MSc

The Kühne Logistics University in Hamburg launches an MSc in Management program beginning in the 2011 winter semester.

The program is based on an innovative learning method that enables students
to gain applied knowledge, develop their problem-solving skills and work
effectively as part of a team.

The Kühne Logistics University (KLU) – Wissenschaftliche Hochschule für
Logistik und Unternehmensführung – in Hamburg’s HafenCity district is
launching a new MSc in Management program for the start of the 2011/12
winter semester. The key difference between this and other such courses is the
use of problem-based, interdisciplinary learning methods. In problem-based
learning, the initial focus is on a particular challenge which the students have
to solve using knowledge and techniques from a variety of management
disciplines (interdisciplinary learning). The students largely work independently but are assisted in their task by specially trained tutors who support and oversee the learning process.

This key idea is reflected in the central aspect of the KLU course: two
"Integration Projects", each lasting several months, in which students have to
tackle a real-world problem (e.g. "Should Airbus establish a subsidiary in
China?"). The subject is first broken down into smaller units and then
addressed in group work.

During the project, the students will continually
come up against their limits and discover they require additional knowledge.
These gaps can then be filled via lectures, tutorials and debates chosen in
consultation with the KLU’s tutors and professors, or via guided self-study. The
course content is thus developed by students themselves in a problem-based,
real-world context rather than within the confines of traditional teaching
subjects. This enables students to gain applied knowledge and interdisciplinary
capabilities and to develop their individual problem-solving skills. Furthermore, working in small groups on a real-life problem and combining the group work to create a coordinated solution proposal also helps to develop students’ social skills and team-mindedness.

Contact – Dirk Laschke – Tel.: +49 (0)40-328 707-151; E-Mail: presse@the-klu.org
In addition to a semester abroad at one of our partner schools in Europe, Asia,
South America and the USA, students also undertake a two-month internship.
The fees for the course, which will be taught entirely in English, are 7,500
euros per academic year (15,000 euros in total) and can be financed via
deferred payments. For 2011 entry, two merit scholarships will be offered.
Applications for these scholarships can be made once a place has been
confirmed and must be received by 30 April. The closing date for applications
for the course itself is 30 June 2011. Teaching begins on 1 September 2011.

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