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New products in the FEIN stainless steel range

Belt sander, pipe sander, rotary grinding module and new accessories.

FEIN is extending its stainless steel range for surface machining by adding a powerful belt sander, a compact pipe sander and a module for industrial automatic grinding. The manufacturer also supplies perforated Pyramix sanding sheets and narrow elastic cylinders and fleece sanding cylinders. The new power tools make the job of precisely sanding pipes and hard-to-reach places much easier. The FEIN stainless steel range includes power tools and sets of accessories, tailored especially to the needs of manual trades and industry.

Powerful belt sander for small surfaces, corners and edges
The new FEIN belt sander BF 10-280 E has been developed especially for machining welded seams on pipes and can be used to precisely smooth corners, edges and profiles and deburr sheet metal. The tool features a header which can be swivelled 180 degrees without the need for any tools, allowing for flexible and comfortable use even in complex applications. A high-performance 800 W motor also ensures high sanding capacities even during continuous use. The gear box developed especially for this application allows for speeds of 10,000 to 28,000 rpm and accelerates the sanding belt to speeds of 12 to 32 m/sec.

FEIN supplies three different sanding arms with a plunge depth of 165 mm. The stepped sanding arm is suited to sanding welded pipes when constructing hand rails for example. Its rounded roller even allows hollow welds to be quickly and easily sanded. Two straight sanding arms provide a sanding support and are suited to linear sanding with narrow or 20 mm wide sanding belts.

High-quality ceramic FEIN sanding belts are available in widths of 3, 6 or 20 mm and ensure high levels of material removal and long service lives. FEIN fleece and polishing belts are used for finishing and producing a mirror polish. A special belt guide ensures that even very narrow belts cannot jump out. The belt tension can be easily adjusted.

Easy-to-use and compact pipe sander for work with stainless steel pipes
The FEIN pipe grinder RS 10-70 E is equipped with a header which can be swivelled almost 360 degrees. Its clasping angle of 180 degrees allows stainless steel pipes and pipe bends of up to 45 mm in diameter to be sanded, satin-finished and polished. The speed of the FEIN pipe sander can be continually adjusted from 2,500 to 7,000 rpm. It can be set for work with sanding, fleece and polishing belts. The high-performance FEIN 800 W motor delivers a constant speed in all load situations and accelerates the sanding belt to a speed of 4 to 11 m/sec. Sanding belts (30 mm in width) also ensure rapid work progress. The FEIN pipe sander weighs just 2.9 kg and is of a small size for comfortable work. The belt guide keeps the sanding belt in place, even in tight spaces and pipe bends.

GRIT rotary grinding module for industrial automatic rotary grinding
The new GRIT rotary grinding module GIC rotary-grinds or satin-finishes the outsides of pipes in industrial applications. The module is attached to the GRIT belt grinder GI 75 or GI 150 without any adjustments. Its four easy-to-steer transport casters allow for mobile use in the workshop. It is suitable for automatic surface machining of round materials with a diameter of up to 130 mm. The robust GRIT rotary grinding module has a 4 kilowatt three-phase motor and is designed for use in industrial volume production. It products little noise and few vibrations and is highly productive.

Pipes are guided between the grinding belt and a control wheel and rotated automatically. The feed speed and contact pressure are continuously adjustable, ensuring an optimum surface quality. For longer belt service lives, better surface results and a dust-free environment, the GRIT rotary grinding module GIC can be combined with the cooling lubricant module GXW for wet grinding. A lateral pipe guide for pipes of up to 6 m in length and a pipe cleaning fixture are also available as accessories.

The GRIT belt grinder range is modular and is quick to retool and upgrade. This modular system is unique in the industry and offers significant advantages: Basic machines can be extended with radius, round or surface grinding modules as necessary. Users benefit from great flexibility. The powerful modular GRIT system can be used throughout the entire range of steel and stainless steel machining applications. The belt grinders are suitable for every application from the initial rough grind to surface finishing – coarse cut, circular grinding, grinding out, deburring, chamfering and planing. Professional grinding belts designed especially for the GRIT belt grinders round off the range.

New accessories for existing FEIN stainless steel sets
The FEIN stainless steel range offers power tools and accessories each tailored to typical manual trade and industrial applications in the form of the FEIN angle grinder, FEIN sanding polisher and eight stainless steel sets. The stainless steel set "Satin-finishing profiles" for the FEIN sanding polisher WPO 14-25 E ensures smooth satin finishes on profiles and narrow surfaces with a very low build-up of heat. The set now also includes plastic rollers with a medium grit 60 and fine grit 180 and a fleece sanding cylinder with sine wave, each 50 mm wide. A 50 mm wide work arbour holds the sanding polisher.

The stainless steel set "Preparing to polish surfaces/pipes/profiles" is now available for the FEIN angle grinder WSG 14-70 E with perforated Pyramix sheets. This addition is a response to user requirements and ensures greater use of the sanding medium. Since angle grinders are angled during grinding, the edge of the sheet wears the fastest. The new FEIN Pyramix sheets have a 115 mm diameter and are perforated. After use, the edge can be simply removed and the sheets used again. The inner part fits on a 75 mm cooling backing pad which is also supplied. FEIN Pyramix sheets are highly suited to removing scratches with excellent material removal and for polishing preparations. They are available in different grits in the stainless steel set and in savings packs of 25 items.

The new polishing paste packaging also makes for easier management of FEIN products. A new cylindrical package allows brush pastes, polishing pastes and colouring pastes to be cleanly and accurately metered.

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