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New quick hitch for Broadwood Sweepex

To facilitate the easy attachment of Broadwood’s state-of-the-art SweepEx modular brush system to Telehandlers and other loaders, Broadwood International has introduced a new hitch that enables the SweepEx Megabroom to be coupled directly to the vehicle’s back-plate. Joining the popular pallet fork sleeve hitch, the new coupling enables all types of loaders to become versatile sweeping machines in just a matter of minutes.

The SweepEx has no moving parts, which means that the maintenance and downtime normally associated with ride-on rotary-style brooms is practically non-existent. The robust construction allows a powerful sweeping action both forwards and backwards enabling rapid, efficient and economical sweeping of large areas.

Available with numerous optional extras, the SweepEx magnetic bar assures the removal of nails and dangerous debris whilst the dust mop is ideal for polished floors. Other options include a debris collector arms and leaf collectors.

Available in 1.5, 1.8 and 2.4m wide formats; the SweepEx is ideal for applications such as clearing dirt, material spills and heavy debris. Able to withstand the severest environments, SweepEx heads and mounting hardware are manufactured from industrial strength steel, with heavy-duty powder coat finish. The easily and quickly replaceable hi-grade polypropylene brush section has eleven rows of 30cm bristles for effective sweeping. Very robust, the brushes will provide around 450 miles of sweeping before they need changing.

Costing a fraction of the price of ride-on rotary sweepers, SweepEx is also far more economical to use than manual labour. The SweepEx can complete a sweeping task in just three minutes that would normally take three hours to be accomplished manually.

Broadwood’s new hitch will enable a wide range of vehicles to use the versatile SweepEx to carry out numerous commercial sweeping tasks including pushing bulk, mulch, timber scraps, plastic granules, water and grain. Available from exclusive UK and European distributor, Broadwood International, via its appointed agents, the SweepEx is capable of handling a wide range of heavy duty commercial and industrial sweeping applications both inside and out.

Broadwood International, Winchester Road, Little Somborne, Stockbridge, Hants. SO20 6QT Tel: 01794 388881

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