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New range of heavy duty forklift trucks launched by Hyster

Hyster has launched a new range of 25 – 32 tonnes heavy duty forklift trucks and dedicated container handlers, delivering maximum performance, versatility, excellent visibility and lower operating costs for heavy industry and ports.
"The new H25-32XM range comprises nine new models spanning 25 to 32 tonnes lifting capacity, three of which are ultra compact" explains Antoon Cooijmans, Big Trucks Product Manager for Hyster Europe. "They are all designed to offer a unique blend of high productivity, reliable proven components, fuel efficiency and outstanding driver comfort in the ports or in heavy industry".

The range includes four standard forklift models (H25XM-12, H28XM-12, H30XM-12, H32XM-12) with between 25,000kg and 32,000kg lifting capacity at 1,200mm load centre. The three new ultra-compact models (H25XMS-9, H30XMS-9, H32XMS-9) are designed to assist in operations where space is at a premium, with wheelbases of between 3.655m and 3.935m. In addition, there are two new container handlers (H28XM-16CH, H32XM-16CH) with a dedicated carriage for the container spreader.

All new models offer class leading lifting performance and feature the QSC8.3 Cummins diesel engine with low exhaust emissions conforming to EC Tier 3 NRMM emissions standards. The powertrain ensures increased dependability for long periods of peak power operation with protection for the engine and the 3-speed transmission. The trucks have also been designed for all operating environments and have the flexibility to operate in ambient temperatures from -18ºC up to +50ºC.

"The H25-32XM range is packed with features to reduce energy consumption and save fuel and ensures drivers maintain comfort and concentration throughout a shift" adds Antoon, explaining that the trucks only provide maximum power on demand, when it is really needed, with load-sensing hydraulics that ‘feel’ the load weight that is lifted. As maximum loads are not always handled (and many lift modes are without load), the trucks do not always require maximum engine power and therefore less fuel will be consumed, with savings of 5% to 15%. The operating speed of the hydraulic functions (lift, tilt, sideshift, fork-positioners) can also be adjusted to suit the requirements of a specific application.

The trucks are also highly versatile thanks to the ‘dual-function’ carriage, setting a new standard for large forklift trucks, by offering unique built-in flexibility for various fork handling duties. The hook-style design with a ‘quick-disconnect’ (dis)mounting feature for the forks enables fast exchange between forks and attachments such as a coil ram. Sideshift and fork-positioning functions are featured as standard, and include two fork-positioning working ranges, enabling a uniquely wide ‘in-to-in’ or ‘out-to-out’ working range of the forks. The robust masts offer extra strength thanks to the unique ‘6-roller’ construction, for heavy lifts up to 6.20m high.

For the operator, the industry leading design of the Hyster ‘Vista’ Operator Compartment offers excellent comfort, outstanding ergonomics and a low noise level. The design of the cab provides the operator with excellent all-round visibility, and particularly of the operating area. For example, the doors feature upper and lower glass panels enhancing sideways visibility and the convex, curved design of the front screen means that the front corner pillars of the cab can be positioned relatively far back, to ensure maximum visibility of the load and operating area.

"Visibility is outstanding for the driver with details that make a real difference. For example we have designed a unique ‘angled’ positioning of the hose group over the mast and the sloping design of the counterweight helps with rearwards visibility" says Antoon, adding that the cab is ideally positioned, mid-high and towards the front, for optimal visibility, which offers excellent vision sideways and rearwards, boosting driver confidence and performance.

Maintenance requirements are kept to a minimum with features such as oil-immersed brakes and increased service intervals of 500 hrs contributing to lower overall operating costs. The tilting cab, which ensures easy access to key components, also makes servicing easier, provided by Hyster’s extensive network of distribution partners. Hyster’s entire ‘Big Truck’ range is available with various configurations and options to suit specific application requirements.

Hyster has a long history of providing a complete range of big trucks and container handling equipment for ports, terminals and heavy duty, industrial applications throughout the world, dating back to the 1950’s. Today, Hyster’s full range of reachstackers, container handlers and high capacity forklifts lead the market with innovative and intelligent design.

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