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New range of heavy duty platform trucks from Sidetracker Engineering

A range of heavy-duty platform trucks for transporting a wide variety of long or bulky loads weighing up to 32 tonnes is now available from Sidetracker Engineering.

Available with electric, LPG or diesel motors, the platforms are designed for use inside buildings or externally, and are particularly suitable for situations where cranage is not available, access is restricted or fork lift trucks cause safety problems. Pedestrian or ride-on versions are available, either free-ranging with conventional or full 360º steering or rail-mounted with flanged steel wheels. Pedestrian models are controlled either with a wire-less remote device or a controller with cable connection. Protective cabs can be included for ride-on models, if required.

Load platforms can include jigs, fixtures, mouldings and other designs to suit the specific loads to be carried by each truck.

The platforms are heavy-duty machines incorporating many of the features found on Sidetracker Engineering’s well-known multi-directional sideloaders and reach trucks to provide long-term performance in demanding industrial environments.

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