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New range of stretch wrap turntables unveiled by Polythene UK

Polythene UK, the largest broker of polythene film and bags in the UK, has unveiled a new range of stretch-wrap turntables.

As companies seek to reduce costs, the amount of manual handling, and decrease days lost due to medical problems arising from hand wrapping, Polythene UK’s new turntables now provide the ideal solution.

The award winning company, based in Oxfordshire, is launching two new turntables. Firstly, there’s Polythene UK’s ‘standard stretch-wrap turntable.’ This machine is cost-effective, portable, can wrap awkward loads, and makes use of Polythene UK’s highly efficient Polylite machine films.

James Woollard, Polythene UK’s Managing Director, explains: "Our ‘standard stretch-wrap turntable’ uses our fold-over pre-stretched machine film. This film has been pre-stretched to increase the yield by a massive 66%, and when used with our ‘standard stretch-wrap turntable’ makes for a very cost-effective operation."

Polythene UK’s second new turntable machine is their ‘power pre-stretch turntable,’ a more advanced machine, designed for companies who pallet wrap on a larger scale.

James comments: "Power pre-stretch is the most cost-effective method of stretch wrapping pallets and gives the best load containment. Our new ‘power pre-stretch turntable’ stretches the film 250%."

James advises any company wrapping 40 pallets or more a day to invest in their ‘power pre-stretch turntables’ on the basis of the film savings they will make. "Wrap costs are up to 50% less compared to other less equivalent machines, plus pallet stability is better."

Both the new turntable units have the option of loading ramps, a wider turntable (2m optional, and 1650mm as standard rather than 1.5m), and a compressing arm to hold lighter pallet loads in position while they are being wrapped.

James adds: "Many machines are only fitted with a 1.5m turntable, which can lead to pallet overhang and could cause ‘entrapment’, where a person is caught between the rotating pallet and either a wall or the fixed part of the machine. We provide 2m turntables for both our machines. In everything that we do, health and safety is always at the core, along with providing a quality offering and service."

The new Polythene UK turntables are available for less than £3,000 each. Polythene UK are also offering the turntables for rent or even for free issue if a contract is agreed for the machine film (providing the company in question uses enough film).

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