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New recycling service from Premier Waste Management for North East businesses

Premier Waste Management is now collecting palletised and baled loads of recyclable material direct from businesses in the North East, as part of a new service aimed at increase recycling and saving companies’ money.

Many businesses producing high levels of waste have invested in their own baling operation; others already receive stock on pallets.

This new service reduces the time and money spent processing these materials by companies such as printers, mailing businesses and warehouses, which traditionally have palletised stock of printed material that are surplus to requirements.

Additionally, Premier Waste services distribution warehouses, factories and large retail outlets which often have huge amounts of cardboard from packaging which can be taken away and recycled.

Items which Premier collects include: paper, packaging and cardboard in all forms, plastic wrapping, and plastic bottles

The service can either be part of a regular collection or a one-off collection to clear a build-up of material.

Commenting, Adrian Denton, Divisional Director at Durham based Premier Waste said:
"As the New Year starts businesses may find that they have pallet loads of unused catalogues and other material dated from last year that is no longer needed. Premier Waste can take this material and recycle it back into paper. If the material is confidential we can also shred it before recycling it.

"If a business has pallet or baled loads of cardboard we may be able to collect these free of charge. Mill-sized bales may even generate a payment to the customer.

"In addition to the palletised paper and cardboard that we can recycle, plastic sheeting and plastic bottles can also be recycled. This is an invaluable service to the region’s businesses which can increase their recycling and save them landfill costs. We are collecting approximately 50 tonnes of baled material per month, which demonstrates how widely used this service already is.

"What is more because Premier Waste is ISO14001 certified our customers can be sure that when we say material is being recycled, that is exactly what is happening to it."

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