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New reducer gearbox simplifies system integration in bulk conveying applications

Baldor's new reducer gearbox family for heavy-duty material handling applications, the Dodge MagnaGear XTR, allows system builders to achieve substantial weight and space savings.

Available in either parallel shaft or right angle drive configurations, all the larger sizes of the gearbox employ a planetary output stage. This can reduce size substantially compared with all helical or bevel gearing systems, often by as much as 25% or more, simplifying equipment design for bulk handling equipment OEMs.

Baldor has also incorporated higher specification bearings than is usual in this market sector, exceeding L10 life standards, to help OEMs to reduce maintenance costs for their users.

The Dodge MagnaGear XTR family offers a choice of eight sizes, rated for output torques from 11,300 to 103,950 Nm (100,000 to 920,000 lb-in). A proven planetary output stage is used on the four largest sizes. Speed reduction ratios from 8.5:1 to 63:1 are available depending on the model and configuration chosen.

Baldor's new reducer extends the Dodge power transmission range in the bulk handling sector, for applications including conveyors and heavy-duty materials handling.

The new product complements the popular Dodge CST (controlled start transmission) which combines a gearbox with a clutch. It offers OEMs just the reducer function — in a highly versatile form. All Dodge MagnaGear XTR variants can be provided in right angle or parallel shaft configurations to suit the system. The gearbox can be mounted on four sides, and is typically much more compact than alternative products, simplifying the design of the overall drive system. Smaller sizes can be supplied with solid or hollow output shafts. The reducer is also compatible with a variety of soft start mechanisms, including fluid couplings, making it ideally suited to solids and bulk handling applications.

Designed to meet or exceed international and AGMA standards, MagnaGear XTR features a rugged cast iron housing with gearing that is carburised, hardened, and precision ground. Tandem HBNR (hydrogenated buna nitrile rubber) lip seals are provided as standard for extra protection.

A large range of engineered accessories are available including, internal lift-off style backstops, cooling systems, rigid couplings, torque arms, swing base mounts, tunnel housings, and baseplates.

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