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New report ensures maintenance compliance for company cars and vans with erratic mileage

A new report to ensure maintenance compliance for company cars and vans that have dramatically increased or decreased their mileage has been added by CFC Solutions to its fleet management software.

The Vehicle Distance Exception report is an element in the latest update to the company’s Fleet Plus and Fleet Horizon products, which are in use by more than 1,000 fleets across the UK.

The report monitors the reported mileage for each vehicle over its lifetime on a fleet and, if the mileage falls or rises substantially during a given time period, adjusts the suggested maintenance regime for a vehicle.

Neville Briggs, managing director at CFC, said that the report had been introduced following a suggestion by one of the company’s customers where operational demands had seen a large proportion of the fleet’s mileage become more erratic.

He said: "The key advantage of this is that if, for operational purposes, a vehicle covers 5,000 miles in a quarter rather than its normal 2,000, the software will automatically adjust parameters such as the ‘service due’ notification. This means that the employer continues to meet their maintenance compliance requirements.

"However, there is also the opposite to consider. If a car or van undergoes a reduction in mileage, then the maintenance requirements can be downgraded and unnecessary expenditure avoided. It is a worthwhile enhancement to our software."

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