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New retail display application for EasyPal paper pallet

A firm of Rotterdam-based architects, BYTR, has found an innovative new use for
FHG EasyPal pallets, incorporating the paper pallets as shelving in a new boutique just opened in De Bilt for the Emmaus Communities charity for homeless people.

BYTR designer, Saskia Kok observed: "Homeless people live above the shop at night and work in the shop during the day. In coming up with the interior design for the boutique, located in an up-market shopping area of De Bilt, we wanted to reinforce the connection between homeless people and cardboard. The FHG EasyPal paper pallet enabled us to make that connection by using the pallets as shelves within the store.

"The simple design concept proved very effective as the paper pallets are low cost, dry and really strong, ideally suited for our design requirements."

Ingrid Faber, CEO of FHG, Europe’s largest pallet producer and second largest pallet pooling supplier, said: "This innovative use of the EasyPal pallet is truly inspirational. The Emmaus Communities charitable movement does so much for homeless people by helping them rebuild their lives. The cardboard link will certainly not be lost on them or the shoppers in the boutique who purchase items off the EasyPal pallet shelves.

"We are already dedicated to making a contribution to society via sustainable pallets and socially responsible production processes. Our EasyPal subsidiary produces paper pallets from recycled paper and these are then usually simply recycled after use. In the case of the Emmaus Communities boutique, a lasting use has been found for them, all in a great cause!"

A total of 150 EasyPal pallets were used for shelving in the 50 sq.m. boutique.

FHG recently won a ‘Green’ award for its sustainable pallets from De Telegraaf, the Netherlands largest daily newspaper. It was ranked third in the second annual ‘greenest company in the Netherlands’ awards from a shortlist of De Telegraaf’s Top 100 Green Companies.

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