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New RFID key management from Deister

Spalding, Lincs: storage, handling and logistic organisations are expected to become early users of a new RFID key management system recently launched by deister electronic, the world's largest independent manufacturer of RFID solutions.

In a world that is becoming increasingly security conscious, proxSafe is designed to provide effective security management in environments where some, if not all, doors are still secured by conventional lock and key.

It consists of a stylish aluminium key cabinet which houses the smart keytags which are at the heart of the system. These smart keytags contain RFID chips similar to those found in proximity access control cards, and keys are attached to the smart keytags using a secure arrangement of a steel ring and a one-time seal.

Smart keytags are locked into proxCylinders, a combination of a proximity reader and a mechanical lock, located in the key cabinet. The cabinets feature an automatic roller shutter door for safety, security and convenience, and provide a modular solution for up to 32 off sets of keys.

Access to the cabinet is gained through the side mounted terminal which also includes a proximity reader allowing proxSafe to become an integral part of a existing access control system.

The taking and returning of keys is quick and easy, with barrel illumination providing a means of visual location of an individual key in a large rack installation. As the smart keytags work like proximity cards, a fast track return can be achieved by simply holding the keys to be returned in front of the reader, thereby opening the cabinet door and illuminating the correct key location.

proxSafe offers a number of configuration possibilities ranging from a stand-alone installation, becoming operational without any need for a personal computer, to being integrated within an organisation's I.T. network. Importantly for the management of users and keys, the proxSafe commander software allows assignment of keys to users, as well as providing detailed calendar and reporting functions.

An organisation's small but valuable items, such as mobile telephones, PDAs and digital cameras, can also be securely managed using proxSafe, and deister electronic offers a number of modular cabinet designs to provide such application flexibility.

Darren Harrold
deister electronic UK
T:01775717100 E: darren.harrold@deister.com

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