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New road fleet investment for Freightliner

Freightliner Limited, the largest haulier of maritime containers in the UK
renews it’s innovative truck management partnership and takes delivery of
the first 20 vehicles of its new fleet.

The £multi-million contract demonstrates Freightliner’s continued investment
and commitment to offering a premium service to its customers.
Freightliner chose Seven Asset Management to supply the first 20 MAN’s TGX
440 XLX vehicles; which is the first part of a total LGV replacement plan
for the company. Freightliner renewed with Seven Asset Management following
a successful seven year partnership which delivered 100% availability.
As part of Freightliner’s LGV fleet replacement programme, another 100
trucks are due to be delivered in 2011 for operations in Cardiff, Cleveland,
Coatbridge, Doncaster, Southampton, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and
Southampton,in addition to the 20 now based in Birmingham. The tender
process for this next batch of trucks is underway.

Freightliner carried out a six-month truck evaluation programme and worked
closely with its LGV drivers to specify the comfort and performance
standards for the new tractor units.

Freightliner Ltd operates more than 100 daily rail services between the key
deepsea ports and 15 strategically located inland terminals – 9 of which are
owned. For each train journey, Freightliner can remove over 120 lorries from
the UK’s roads. Reducing road congestion as well as carbon emissions.
Freightliner uniquely uses its inhouse road fleet to deliver customer’s
boxes from the inland terminals for the last leg of its journey averaging
only 54 miles for each trip.

The first 20 MAN TGX with the XLX cabs have just entered service in
Birmingham and display Freightliner’s new road vehicle livery following the
company’s re-brand in 2009, displaying the slogan "its time to go green" to
highlight Freightliner’s green credentials.

Freightliner uniquely provides its customers a complete logistics package
that focuses on customer satisfaction at every step of their journey from
port through to end delivery.

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