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New safety controllers from Leuze electronic

Leuze electronic’s new MSI100 and 200 safety controllers offer quick, easy and affordable control for light curtains, safety interlocks, E-STOP buttons, etc. without the complexity of using a safety PLC, without the need for expensive licenses or the need to commit to one manufacturer’s complex safety system for everything.

The MSI100 and MSI200 offer high performance and clever features in products which are simple to design with and commission. The MSI 100 programmable safety controller has 20 safe inputs (SIL 3, PLe) and can monitor up to four Category 4 outputs, independent of one another. Its larger brother the modular MSI 200 is expandable to up to 140 safety modules or 44 outputs again to performance level PLe, SIL3, with Cat4 outputs.

Design is easy and intuitive using the ‘drag and drop’ MSIsafesoft software, which uses PLCopen certified function blocks and is available free-of-charge. This software also has an automatic logic test and a built in emulator which allows the program to be simulated on a PC, indeed it enables the MSI100 & 200’s to be tested before spending any money.

The MSI100 and 200 also offer two clock outputs and in common with the expansion modules they also have LED indicators on all inputs and outputs to help in commissioning.

Supporting the safety controllers are the MSI-FB interface modules which enable the MSI100 or MSI200 to transfer diagnostic data across to a PLC over a variety of fieldbus protocols.

Leuze aim to combine useful features and high performance into their units whilst ensuring they are easy to work with, whether at the design, commissioning or machine operation stage. Leuze can help simplify all levels of complexity of machine safety, whether discrete wiring to safety relays, the use of safety relays with additional features like muting control for light curtains, these safety controllers, or beyond to AS-i interfaces or even AS-i or ProfiBUS integrated into light curtains and safety scanners.

"Leuze electronic are committed to providing the best products and the best service. Therefore, we offer free software and training, because we believe this will help our customers gain an advantage by reducing their design and installation time." said Kevin Ellison, Technical Support Engineer at Leuze electronic.

Mark Weymouth, MD added "We are in the business of selling the best machine safety products, including light curtains, laser scanners, safety interlocks, safety relays and now the safety controllers. Software and training is something that we believe should support this, rather than being a business in itself, which might distract us and confuse our customers."

Innovation that saves time and money from Leuze electronic – ‘the sensor people’, the safety experts.

MSI 100 – 20 safe inputs – Light curtains, E-STOP buttons, two-hand controls, safety interlocks, etc.

MSI 200 – Modular & expandable to 140 safety modules or 44 drive components – Light curtains, E-STOP buttons, two-hand controls, safety interlocks, etc.

MSI-FB interface modules enable the MSI 100 or 200 to transfer diagnostic data to the PLC across a variety of fieldbuses.

Small size – Only 67.5mm wide.

Free of charge software – PLCopen safety certified MSIsafesoft.

Drag & drop programming, with built in simulator – Fast and easy.

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