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New Savoye solution aimed at E commerce market tailors packaging size to reduce void fill

Savoye is extending its range of small format packaging machines, with a totally innovative model: the E-wrap. The machine is equipped with two integrated lateral preparation workstations and a labelling machine connected to a barcode reader. These features enable E-wrap to both prepare orders and create packaging to suit the product’s dimensions. The new solution also labels each box ready for dispatch.

The E-wrap is particularly adapted to companies which carry out manual order preparation in ‘pick then pack’ mode. It is adapted more precisely to two manual order preparation configurations:

Mono-product mass preparation, for large campaigns for example. A pallet of products is deposited close to the picker workstation integrated into the machine. The picker deposits the products on the E-wrap’s conveyor, with the order form bearing a barcode, to be packaged;

Preparation for customers with a high number of references with varied rotations. A collection and a sort are carried out before the products are transported to the operator. The latter then deposits them on the E-wrap’s conveyor, with the order form.

Two pickers can work simultaneously on the machine.

Tailor made packaging
The packaging format is automatically calculated by the machine. Sensors located at its entrance define the dimensions of the products to be packaged accurately, whether these are of different sizes, on top of each other, or positioned side by side.

At the same time, the order form which accompanies the products is scanned (via a barcode system): the information contained will be used to print the dispatch label.

To adjust the packaging to suit the products, the E-wrap relies on a very innovative folding procedure. It uses L-shaped cardboard packaging, which have already been cut out to make folding easier. The products to be prepared are automatically deposited on the cardboard in a cross-shape. Its sides are successively folded down to the height of the products thanks to a high performance folding arm which also ensures that they are held in place, and pasted using a propulsion system. A pressure system ensures that the box has been closed properly.

Automatic labelling
The dispatch label is directly applied at the end of the process on the folded flap and thus can be considered as an additional safety strip. As an option, the box can be turned over to put the label on the side opposite the flaps. Prepared, packaged, labelled, the box is ready to be dispatched. If the label has a barcode, its traceability can be assured outside the warehouse.

The E-wrap is completely autonomous, but it can be interfaced with an information system to establish the billing, from when the label is sent.

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